How far along:  8 Weeks, 6 Days

Total weight gain/loss: 1.5 lbs

Exercise: 4 days last week. Cardio and light weights

Maternity clothes: Not yet.  Thank God!

Sleep: A nap here and there.  I wake up in the middle of the night at least 3 times to pee!

Best moment this week:  looking at the little gummy bear for the first time.  We could see the heart beat!

Tim’s best moment this week: “Keeping Corina from killing me!” HahaHa!

Have you told family and friends: Yes!

Miss Anything: Cocktails and Sushi

Movement: Not yet

Food cravings: Cheese Puffs, Frozen Yogurt, Pizza, and Strawberries

Anything making you queasy or sick: Poultry

Have you started to show yet: A little bump so far – but that’s because I am bloated.

Belly Button in or out? In

Happy or Moody most of the time: Irritated is more like it! “When someone sings, taps, or whistles.”  

Looking forward to: Finding out the gender on April 3.

Difficulties: None

The baby is the size of a PINTO BEAN!


2 thoughts on “8 WEEKS 6 DAYS

  1. AWEOME!!!! I AM SO EXCITED FOR YOU GUYS!!! Tim, when we met Corina we loved her! She was down to earth and real! You guys are in for a fun treat! Soon or kids will be ditching school, surfing, cruising for tourists at the beach, getting pictures taken when they get out of the water and so on and so on! I am so pumped for you guys!

  2. I love the chalkboard stats! I saw that on Pinterest and wanted to do it, but never got around to it. Very cute! A tip for wearing your jeans longer: use an elastic hair band to hold the button on your pants closed. Or you can always wear a dress!

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