Play-Doh Baby- Ultrasound #1

After a short commercial break….We’re back!

Tim and I have been rocking through a very exciting yet slightly stressful two weeks.. Yes peeps,we are STILL trying to get settled into the new place!  Tim is working hard for the Huggies with long days on a show and it seems the chores/housework/unpacking/getting to know our way around the new neighborhood is hectic at best. Thank goodness we have great friends who live IN our building showing us the ropes!

I also took a trip to Texas to see my family and close friends.  I was sooo happy to spend some time with everyone and also really sad to leave so soon.

Currently, we are still unpacking boxes!  Oh, what fun it is to move.  :/ The new pad is amazing although we have already gotten a complaint for walking to loudly by our “wonderful” new neighbors downstairs.. Besides that little issue, the good news is that we have lots more room and a nursery for Liam, which is completely empty at the moment.  We plan to paint the room and at some point, I have to do some shopping.

So besides the move, work, my trip home, and the baby on the way, we are also planning for other events coming soon….ie. The Baby shower in July AND OUR WEDDING in 2013!  I will fill you in on the details at a later time.  🙂

For a special treat, we would like to share with you our first ultrasound that was done back in March.  Tim worked very hard not to smash his Mac against the wall at some points during this process.. And if it wasn’t for the help from Martin and Coleman this may have NEVER gotten done..I know, it was a while back, but Tim and I have finally completed the 2 minute movie!!!! Hold on to your hats people! Next stop, THE PLAY-DOH BABY!! enjoy…


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