Liam’s First Thanksgiving

This year was my first Thanksgiving in California.  Usually I fly back home to Texas to visit the family, but since our bundle of joy is too young to travel, we decided to spend the holiday at Tim’s mom’s house in Ventura.  I made a cranberry orange cake and a broccoli cheese casserole.   First time I’ve EVER made something for Thanksgiving.  Don’t judge.  I am not Betty Crocker and I still, till this day, don’t know how to make a damn turkey.  I’ll leave that up to my husband for the following turkey days ;).

It’s Movember….hence the beard.

My first broccoli cheese casserole.  I still think my aunt Christina makes is waaaay better.


Liam, not quite interested in football just yet.

My first cranberry orange bread.  Actually, this was my second attempt.  The night before was the first trial run.  It didn’t turn out good, so I woke up really early Thanksgiving morning and searched for another recipe.  This one was the winner!! It’s probably because it asks for buttermilk and 6 tablespoons of butter, the ingredients that make all desserts taste better.

Tim’s ma, Sharon


My Hospital Bag

1.  Prenatal Vitamins-  Whichever  you choose, you are going to need them if you decide to breast feed.  Baby still needs those important vitamins.  I chose Nature Made because they were affordable and included DHA as well.

2.Water proof mascara-  If you care even just a tad bit about how you are going to look in those after photos, I would suggest using this.  I still tried to avoid photos just because I was still swollen, but mascara did help open my eyes a bit.

3.  Snacks-  Lots of them!  I was snacking the entire time because I was so hungry and the hospital food wasn’t the best.  Plus, they didn’t feed me meals prior to delivery!  I had mixed nuts, crackers, soft healthy Kashi Cookies,  and I even brought a six pack of sparkling juice just in case I felt nauseous.

4.  Stretch Mark Cream-  I was really lucky up to this point that I didn’t get those unwanted stretchmarks!! Thank goodness!  However, I still came prepared with cream since your belly goes from being the size of a watermelon to the size of a cantaloupe…still squishy!

5.  Belly Bandit–  This is very important if you want that belly to go back to normal size quick! Well, ok you won’t get the six pack you had prior, but it sure does help!!  I’d like to think that this had something to do with the 20lbs I lost the first week.   I wore this for about 6 weeks, which is the required amount of time.  It can be annoying at times especially when you sleep with it on.  Since I don’t sleep much I might as well keep it on.  Ha!  No more sleep for mama!! 🙂

6.  Nursing Night Gown– This was so useful during my time spent in the hospital.  For one, the gowns they provide for you are so annoying and uncomfortable.   Liam had to eat every 2-3 hours so having this gown was quick and easy.  Snap and unsnap is all you need to do.

7.  Camera-  My Luminx camera to capture those special moments. 🙂  Love this camera!

8.  Preggie Pops–  I was really lucky that I didn’t get sick not once throughout my pregnancy.  I didn’t want to take any chances so I came prepared with Preggie Pops just in case.   These pops were great!  If I had a slight bit of nausea, I just sucked on one of these.  Apple was my fav.

9.  Natural Nipple Cream from Earth Mama Angel Baby-  The hospital gives you a tube of Lanolin, which I also used.  What I like about this cream is that it’s organic and safe for baby.  It helped a lot for sore cracked nipples.

10. Burt’s Bees Lip Balm-  Dehydration = Chapped lips.  Tim was constantly reapplying Burt’s Bees on my lips.  It was very helpful.

11. Boppy Pillow- I regret not taking my boppy pillow.  We had to stuff pillows under my arm, under Liam’s head, and anywhere else to help prop the baby up.  I was surrounded by a mountain of pillows.  It was ridiculous!  And breastfeeding is NOT easy.  The baby has to be positioned the right way.  If not, it was painful.

12. I Phone and charger-  This is a given.  I took so many photos with my phone.  As far as outgoing phone calls, I left that to Tim.  He made sure he kept everyone updated.  🙂

13.  Ipod dock-  Listen to some soft music.  It helps.

14.  Hair Ties-  I have long hair.

15.  Tooth brush, face wash, moisturizer, and shampoo/conditioner.  I didn’t want to use anything that the hospital provided.

Liam at 1 Month

 Taken On: 11-11-12

Weighing in at: 8 lbs 8oz

Length: 22 inches

Favorite Food: Breast Milk 🙂

Words: Liam makes baby zombie sounds. No words yet, but Tim and I are in a race to see if Liam says daddy or mommy first.

Nicknames: GDub (short for Glow Worm) and Nugget

Liam’s 3 Top Picks: Wubba Nub Green Frog, California Baby Calming Lotion, and aden + anais swaddle blankets

Baby Got Skills: Liam can lift his head about 45 degrees during tummy time.Loud burps and milk mustaches… Oh, and let’s not forget the endless crying.

Birth Story

Hello all!

We finally had some time to upload our birth story.  As new parents I admit, it has not been easy one bit.  When we arrived home from the hospital it was two days of crying and no sleep.  Well, till this day we still have sleepless nights.  We are still working on a schedule for baby Liam and also trying to figure out which formula works best.  Poor baby has been crying like crazy because it hasn’t been a smooth transition from breast milk to formula. The first two types were not sitting well with him.  So now we are on our third formula and crossing our fingers that this will make him feel better.

Going back to how it all started.  Tim decided to take notes from beginning to end on his iPhone, which I am so happy he did because I don’t remember much of it.  So here is the story….In Tim’s words.

Date: 10/10/12

2:00 pm– Arrived at hospital

3:30 pm- IV and Oxytocin in

Date: 10/11/12 

12:49 am– 1st pain shot

1:25 am– Water broke

1:49 am– Epidural #1 ordered

2:12 am– After 6 “oh gods” and some F bombs- the screaming has stopped, except for “Viva la Epidural” her words
(Longest 15 mins of my life)

2:25 am– Catheter in

4:39 am– BOOM! 9 centimeters

4:45 am– Moms are called back to hospital

5:25 am– Moms arrive

6:15 am– 10 centimeters +2 (I Still have NO CLUE what that means)

7:10 am– Dr Kahen arrives

5 nurses! Susan(day), Amy(night), Karen(2nd Day RN),  Melissa, Zahar,(shaky interns), And our Epidural DR Sampson (should be called Dr. SAVIOR) made up the cast..

So one intern(Zahar), during the final “inspection” of Liam’s crowning head, asks “can I use a flashlight”.. Good thing Corina was drugged up and couldn’t lift her arms because she would’ve punched someone, including the intern..  EVERYONE WAS PAST THE LINE OF SCRIMMAGE and staring.. Including me Ma.. Ha 

7:46am – 2 sets of 5 pushes for birth…..Liam comes into the world!!!



6lbs 15 oz

19″ long

Peed on Corina… 2!! Haha Apparently, a breeze makes boys pee!

Jesus! we got Lots of info from EVERY professional who dealt with Liam or Corina. Post birth… LOTS. Language barrier issues and OVER load of info after NO sleep, 16 hours of labor and we just had a baby.. Liam went STRAIGHT to the booby! Lots of patience by my awesome wife.. If only we knew those tatas were gonna suffer so much!

We move downstairs and into our recovery suite!
Ingrid is recovery nurse day 1. It was her “Friday” and was helpful.. we worked most of day getting Liam latched onto the titties.. Heads up!  The boy is a worker ladies!!

Got Corina and Liam into recovery room on 1st floor.. My bed SUCKS! Damn foldouts..  Ugh

12:30pm–  I split with Grandma Sara and left me Ma with Corina and Liam and headed home to shower with less than 3 hours sleep.. Almost wrecked into a jeep on the way..

Showered, grabbed the baby seat and went back.. 1st subway sandwich of 3.. I think it was meatball.. I always get meatball.

Radinelda is recovery nurse night 1.. She was helpful and nice.. Language barrier was an issue.. Again.. Lots of asian nurses out there..Ha

9:40 pm– Rainy Thursday.. Very nice.

She did 1st post birth checkup for Liam!

98.7′ temp, 6lbs 11ozs.. Heartbeat NORMAL

Date: 10/12/12

6:55 am– Dr. Reimer from ped associates for DR Kim. Liam is all good.. Momma doing everything right.. Liam’a leg lifts are normal apparently..

Loretta is our Day nurse.. She is a traveler RN along with Susan(delivery). Very helpful, loves her job and can tell.

11:54 am– State hearing tech here, Melina is the tech!

6:26 pm– During Liam’s circumcision I showed the flip off pic to Dr. Kahen.. She cracked up!! Must send birth pic to Dr. Doany.
Night was all “nipple shields and packing to leave”..

Side note- When Liam is pissed or upset or simply just not amused he turns into Hell Boy.. Literally.. Bright red; minus the horns.
Liam has 2 nick names we have used so far and 1 he has earned through “the Providence-Tarzana Med Center record book”.. #1 (my fav) The Critter, #2 GDub(glow worm)(Corinas fav) and poop boy(the PTMCs record)

Fe (Fay) is recovery Day nurse #3 thorough. More info.. Ugh
I have to get whooping cough and flu shots
DR Kim MONDAY 10/15/12
DR Kahen in 6 weeks for postpartum check-up! Around 11/18-11/24
Amanda is lactation consultant..
Book/DVD “happiest baby on the block”
Medela pump and play? Ameda pump?

Date: 10/13/12

12:41 pm–  Truck is pulled up!!!
WHEELS UP!!! Let’s go HOME!

Date: 10/14/12- At home…

12:54 am– almost 18 hours of off and on screaming(maybe peepee related, OR butt function) we gave the boy a PACIFIER!!! Ugh I broke the rules and perhaps ruined Liam’s “nipple recognition”.. WE DONT GIVE A F*CK!! Silence is AHHHmaaazing.