Liam’s First Thanksgiving

This year was my first Thanksgiving in California.  Usually I fly back home to Texas to visit the family, but since our bundle of joy is too young to travel, we decided to spend the holiday at Tim’s mom’s house in Ventura.  I made a cranberry orange cake and a broccoli cheese casserole.   First time I’ve EVER made something for Thanksgiving.  Don’t judge.  I am not Betty Crocker and I still, till this day, don’t know how to make a damn turkey.  I’ll leave that up to my husband for the following turkey days ;).

It’s Movember….hence the beard.

My first broccoli cheese casserole.  I still think my aunt Christina makes is waaaay better.


Liam, not quite interested in football just yet.

My first cranberry orange bread.  Actually, this was my second attempt.  The night before was the first trial run.  It didn’t turn out good, so I woke up really early Thanksgiving morning and searched for another recipe.  This one was the winner!! It’s probably because it asks for buttermilk and 6 tablespoons of butter, the ingredients that make all desserts taste better.

Tim’s ma, Sharon


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