Month 1 Top Picks

Month 1


1.  Closer to Nature Disposable Breast Pads– My milk finally came in the 4th day so these definitely were needed.  Especially in the middle of the night.

2.  Frog Wubbanub–  Thank you to the maker of this magnificent pacifier!  After all those nurses constantly telling my husband and I not to give our baby a pacifier, we finally gave in the second day at home.  And I don’t know why I didn’t do it the first night when Liam was screaming like crazy!! The pacifier is soothing for crying out loud…literally.  And those first couple days, it’s just colostrum.  Baby needs something to suck on and I didn’t have milk yet.   He loves his Wubbanub and the frog is something he can grab on to.  I’m going to buy the longhorn next.

3.  Sassy Ring O Links– Red and orange (brights colors) is great for newborns.  Black and white preferred of course.  And you can’t go wrong with texture.  However, I didn’t go crazy on the toys since newborns only cry, sleep, eat, and produce about 8-10 wet diapers a day.  Fun.

4.  aden + anais star bright swaddle collection–  The best swaddle blankets ever!!!  They are muslin so baby can breathe and still feel cool without over heating.  I also use it over the stroller to block out the extreme sunlight.  5 stars.

5.  Boppy Pillow– helped for breast feeding and bottle feeding.  I also use it for Liam’s tummy time.

6.  Pampers Swaddlers GIANT PACK– Pampers over Huggies any day. Their Swaddlers are great especially when Liam exploded in his diaper every 10 minutes.  That netting in the diaper sucked down his mess.  Pretty impressive.

7.  Tommee Tippee Sensitive Tummy Feeding Bottles– Every baby is different.  These worked for Liam.  Closer to an actual nipple and I never had a problem with breastfeeding and bottle feeding.    I chose the sensitive tummy bottle, since he had colic.  They do have a lot of parts, but I’d rather spend time cleaning all those parts instead of hearing a crying baby.  Just sayin.

8.  Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover–  I had visitors over frequently and baby has to eat ever 2-3 hours.  I needed a cover up and this worked great.

9.  Basic Layette Gown by Kicky Pants–  This was a gift to Liam from a friend of mine and I love it.  It’s made from Bamboo fabric, which is naturally antibacterial, antifungal and antistatic.  And that’s not all.  click on the link and read more.  Fabric is so soft.  I love putting Liam in this layette before bedtime.

10.  Pampers Baby Fresh Wipes– Baby fresh or sensitive, they are my fav.  These wipes are very soft compared to Huggies brand.


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