Our Elf and His Name…

I know Christmas is over, but I had to share our new Elf on the Shelf given to us by the Talty Family.  I am so excited to have him as part of our holiday tradition!  Have you ever wondered how Santa knows who’s naughty or nice?  Liam will be thrilled to know that our elf will be reporting to Santa everyday during the month of December.  As most of you know about the Elf on the Shelf phenomenon you have to give him a name.  So the other night I told Tim, “What should we name our elf?”  Without hesitation Tim said, “his name is Reginald.”  Reginald?  What is that?  I’ve never heard of such a name, but I thought it was unique and fun so I went with it.  We named our elf, Reginald (Reggie for short).

The next morning I went online to register our elf.  It comes with a certificate of elf adoption, which you can print out and show the little ones that it is official.  And you can print out a letter from Santa as well.  This is so cool!

After I registered Reginald, I decided to look up the name to find out what the meaning is.  Well, according to Urban Dictionary Reginald means….

“a person whom is full of themselves; tends to be successful and is pompous about it. they have a competitive mindset and will bang any female while pretending they REALLY care, but everyone else knows…a Reginald can CARE LESS.”

Way to go Tim.  Nice work.  Sigh. :/

Reggie Elf


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