Mommy’s #1 Drooler

Like a Faucet




Itty Bitty Trends



A.  Robot Crayons $6.50

B.  Mini Robot Dolls $10.00

C.  Lolli Living Play Mat Robot $53.99

D.  B.O.T. Baby Bib $9.99

E.  Big Robot Two-Piece Pajamas $7.99

F.  Lamaze Rusty The Robot $14.99

G.  Who’s That Lunch Bag? $8.99

H.  Intarsia Robot Hat $16.95

I.  Robonaut Pacifier Clip $5.99

J.  Bobux Soft Soles $28.95

K.  Robot Tee $20.00

L.  Velour Blanket $31.50

Liam at 3 Months

 Taken On: 01-11-13


Weighing in at: 12lbs 6oz

Length:  24in

Favorite Food: Nutramigen by Enfamil

Words: Baby Liam is cooing, squealing, and blowing raspberry bubbles.  He giggles from time to time.

Nicknames: Wittle Babeeee, Love Bug, and Bright Eyes

Liam’s 3 Top Picks: Monkey Snuggle Buddy, Baby Jar Hooded Towel, i-Gym Activity Center

Baby Got Skills: Nonstop smiling, bring both hands together, raise his head and chest (almost like he is doing a push-up, but he ends up doing the worm Ha!) He can reach for and follow objects, roll over one way, hold his head very steady. And turn in the direction of mommy and daddy’s voice.