Month 2 Top Picks

Month 2


1.  Crane Mya the Monkey I love this humidifier from Crane! By the 2nd month, Liam had a stuffy nose.  This helped so much.

2.  Aveeno Calming Comfort Lavender LotionLove the smell of lavender and vanilla.  My favorite so far.

3.  A&D Ointment– A&D and Auqaphor ointments are perfect for my baby’s bottom.  I apply this after every diaper change.  So far so good!

4.  Buff Baby Dumbbell Rattle– This was an awesome baby shower gift for Liam.  And it was actually his first toy rattle that he was able to hold.  He loves it! Plus, it’s fun to watch a baby hold a mini dumbbell. Ha!

5.  Firefly Plush Stroller Toy– I have several stroller toys, but this one seems to be baby Liam’s fav- bright colors, crinckles, and has a small mirror.

6.  The Happiest Baby on the BlockDamn! I wish I had bought this book when the bun was still in the oven.  Liam was so colicky in the beginning, it was so difficult to get him to stop. This book explains why babies cry and how to deal with it.   The 5 S’s are the ingredients to a calm baby- Swaddling, Side/Stomach, Shushing, Swinging, Sucking. 

7.  Little Tummies Gripe Water– Gassy baby no good 😦

8.  Who Loves Baby? Photo Album–  Helps develop eyes muscles and gets baby to focus.  It worked.  Liam would stare at the high contrast patterns for a long time.  Sometimes he would stop crying because he was so drawn to the colors and shapes.  It also holds 7 photos, which I plan to add very soon.

9.  Baby K’tan Wrap–  Very comfortable and useful for baby and me while walking the dog.  I take out our dog, Cookie, every morning and evening and usually Liam is with me.  So instead of taking the stroller I would wrap Liam in the K’tan.  It was so comfortable for him he would fall right to sleep!  So cute!  He just graduated to the adventure position.  

10. Cloth Diapers used as burp cloths– Whoever thought of using cloth diapers as burp cloths is genius!!  Now that Liam takes formula, he spits up a lot more.  These are thick and cover your entire shoulder.  I don’t use anything else but these.

11.  Tommee Tippee– Perfect warmer for our chubby Tommee Tippee bottles.  Warms in minutes and still works.

12.  Milk Feeding Bib 2-Pack in Blue– Great absorbent collar that will catch any milk leaks.  You just have to be careful when washing with other bibs.  I didn’t stick them together so the velcro got stuck on the fabric. meh!


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