Walk Like a Baby

It all started with 5-10 steps and now he is walking all over the place!  From the kitchen to the living room, this baby is making his rounds and he isn’t stopping.  Here is a quick clip of Liam and his awesome skills at 10 months!  Keep making us proud love bug!


DIY Bride and Groom Signs

I came across this awesome sign on Etsy, illustrated by Katie Daisy, owner of The Wheatfield.  She makes some really beautiful watercolor paintings.  This particular one was part of my inspiration for our Costa Rica wedding.  I just love the watery hues and the summer beachy vibe you get from it.  I ordered this print and made it the center of attention on my guest table.  It was lovely!


Then I thought how cool would it be if I had her make the Bride and Groom signs just like this?  Well, I emailed her and a few days later she responded.  She was just too busy to fit it in her schedule.  I was soooo bummed!!  Anywoo, the artist in me came out and got creative.  I painted my own signs in the beachy hues I love.  What do ya think??





Someone is Turning 1 Soon!

October 11th is right around the corner!! I can’t believe Liam is turning 1 soon.  You know what that means?  It’s time to PARTAY!  With all the crazy awesome birthday party themes out there, It’s so difficult to choose JUST one!   Only one? Ugh!

I know, I know, he’s turning one and he will never remember it…Wah Wah.  Well, guess what?  I’m his mama so I get to do whatever I want. 🙂  Now, first things first,  I have to figure out what theme  to get the ball rolling on the party planning.   The other day my little bookworm and I had a visit to Barnes & Noble.  I can’t tell you how much this little boy loves books!  Every night he falls asleep to  “On the Night You Were Born.”  Best book so far!  He also loves his hardcover color, number, and shape books.  The collection is slowly growing and I can’t wait to start working on a little reading area for the munchkin.


Anyways, back to the PARTAY  theme.  We came across a book while we were there and that’s when I decided….


“The Tickle Monster”  is going to be the theme for his 1 year birthday party!  Such a cute book and who doesn’t love these silly monsters?

Let the party planning begin!


Pre-Wedding Spa Day

Before I share our wedding adventure in Costa Rica, I wanted to post a few photos on my pre-wedding get together with some of my  girlfriends that live in LA.  My good friend Danielle, put together a nice spa day for me as a wedding gift.  Now, none of my bridal party attended because they all live in Texas, BUT having these few ladies around definitely put a huge smile on my face.  I am so blessed to know these girls, because not only are they awesome, they know how to have a really great time!!  Soooo thanks to Danielle Fiorito for organizing it!  Also, thank you  Jamie Bruton and Breanna Jensen for coming out and being a part of it.

We had massages, manicures & pedicures at Alchemie Spa in Santa Monica.  And Let’s not forget our private room with amazing appetizers and endless bottles of red and white wine!!!  It was awesome!


Danielle, Jami, Me, and Breanna

Sleep over at Danielle’s!  A table full of girl stuff.  Not sure if we were sober enough to paint our nails or read a magazine, but it was a great set-up. 😉

My lovely card from the ladies.  Thank you to Brooke, Lori, and Amber for contributing.  Sorry you gals couldn’t make it!  Wish you were there.


Pancake Dippers

Don’t you mamas love Pinterest?  I love the inspiration you can get from all the photos and especially those recipes.  The problem is,  I bet most you have, is that I never go back and actually make them.  So lately, I’ve been cleaning up my boards and organizing them in a way that makes it look more appealing.  Doing that was also a great reminder of all my pins.   So much pinning, I forgot what I had.

So this past Sunday I tried Pancake Dippers.  There’s a little surprise in the…. BACON!!  I didn’t have a cute miniature mason jar to put the syrup in, so I drizzled it on top. Same difference.  Annnd note to self… next time I need to use the ketchup bottle to squeeze out the batter.  Since I didn’t have one, I scooped it out and put it in a large zip lock, but I cut the hole too big.  Wow, mess everywhere! lol

My Review:  The ketchup bottle would have been less messy and I think I’ll  use maple bacon for the next batch. YUM!

Husband’s Review:  “MORE BACON!” (next time I won’t cut them in half)

Breakfast at Sweet Butter


June 7, 2013

One of my favorite places to go for breakfast in our neighborhood is Sweet Butter.   So far the best blueberry pancakes! They also have Dry Cucumber Soda….LOVE this drink (see below).  I have to order a few cases to cure my craving.  I’m excited to try it with a little bit of vodka too.  😉  There’s nothing like a refreshing cocktail in this summer’s heat!  Here are a few photos from our little outing in Sherman Oaks.






Clearly Liam can’t wait to dip that spoon in a bowl of ice cream!






What Liam Wore:

Hat & Shoes: Old Navy

Shirt: Crazy 8

Pants: GAP

July 4th (TB)

Here’s a throwback (TB) to our July 4th holiday!  Since we were busy planning our destination wedding, which was on July 20th,  we didn’t have much time to post any of our family get togethers or any other special family moments.  So here are a few photos from our celebration of Independence Day spent at grandma’s house in Ventura, CA.  I promise I will upload our wedding photos soon!  Stay tuned to our awesome adventure in Costa Rica!!!

IMG_8530 IMG_8528 IMG_8407 IMG_8454 IMG_8444 IMG_8482

IMG_8350 IMG_8394 IMG_8487 IMG_8529

Liam at 10 Months

Taken On: 8/13/2013

10 Months

Weighing in at: 18.8 lbs

Length: 29 1/4 inches

Favorite Food: Not too much A.R. Enfamil now.  Our little munchkin really enjoys the homemade food that  mommy and daddy make.  Right now, he really likes chicken, strawberries, peaches, and still loves those sweet potatoes.  We also give him frozen watermelon cubes for his uncomfortable teething moments.

Words: Still mama, dada, and more cooing and babbling.  He does this a lot when he opens his books.

Nicknames: My little love buggy bug, love bug, munchkin, and Bulldog one zero.  Tim gave Liam this nickname because he crawls like a bulldog. And the one zero stands for 10 months.  Good one Tim!

Liam’s 3 Top Picks: Hardcover books, wooden alphabet blocks, and his FunKeys

Baby Got Skills:   Liam has reached a total of 12 steps!!  He’s moving quick and we can’t keep up.  He holds onto his toys and other objects around the house.  He likes to play tug-a-war sometimes.  He claps his hands and pulls himself up on furniture, stands up alone,  picks up very small objects, and drinks his sippy cup solo.  Annnd he loves to open drawers!!  Especially the the draw in the kitchen that has all the zip lock bags.  Those always end up on the floor.

Enjoys: Sneaking up the stairs, playing tug-a-war with Cookie and her toy rope, being outside, splashing in the water, playing in the kitchen- as soon as he hears us open the dishwasher he comes bulldoging in and hangs out on the rack.  Not sure why, but he loves it!