Liam at 11 Months

Taken On: 9/14/2013

11 Months

Weighing in at: 19.2 lbs

Length: 29 1/2 inches (ish)

Favorite Food: He still likes his AR Enfamil in the mornings.  Breakfast- oatmeal, bananas, peaches, and yogurt.  Lunch- turkey, potatoes, avocado, and peaches. Dinner- turkey or chicken, sweet potato, carrots.  Snacks- graham crackers and mum mums. What’s new? garbanzo beans and peaches.

Words: Mama, dada, and cookie (our dog).

Nicknames: My love muffin and love buggy bug.

Liam’s 3 Top Picks: My First 100 Words Book, Skip Hop Zoo Straw Bottle, Baby First TV

Baby Got Skills:   Liam is now walking all the time!  He claps his hands when mommy and daddy clap or when we sing patty cake.  He points to things and talks gibberish (he does this a lot when he looks at his books).  He says cookie along with mama and dada.  He drinks from a straw and sippy cup (sometimes while walking).  He can also spot and pick up the smallest little things on the floor.

Enjoys:  reading time, walking, going for strolls outside with cookie, likes putting his hands in the doggy bowl (we’ve caught him a few times with dog food in his mouth!), he loves to dance and watch Baby First TV.  He’s obsessed with their signature song.


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