Boo Breakfast

Happy Halloween to all our friends and family!!  This month went pretty fast for us so sadly we are skipping the costumes this year.  I promise, the next Halloween is going to be big…HUGE! 😉

I wanted to start off the morning with a little Halloween spirit… Boo breakfast for the munchkin!  He loves bananas so I turned it into a ghost and instead of maple syrup I used strawberry jelly on his pancakes for the blood.  Simple and done before, but he doesn’t know that! haha!



Pumpkin Carving Fun!

Seems like all the fun is going by so fast!  With busy work schedules and lots of things to do, we still manage to somehow, last minute, keep up with it all.  We had our pumpkin carving evening a couple days ago so I wanted to share some photos with everyone.  It wasn’t a huge party, just the three of us having a little fun.  Oh, and I forgot to mention our dog Cookie.  She had fun too.  🙂

Tim worked on his pumpkin while I made Pina Ghoulada’s and cooked pork tostadas/tacos for the evening.  I also read a few Halloween books to Liam.  He loves “The Little Old Lady Who Wasn’t Afraid of Anything.”  He laughs at the pumpkin head at the end.  For some reason the sound of “Boo Boo” is funny to him.



IMG_0762See, for some reason that pumpkin head is funny! Look at that huge grin on baby Liam’s face. lol
IMG_0768My delicious Pina Ghoulada.  Not too bad for the first attempt!IMG_0755
P1000287 P1000300 P1000306Clearly Tim’s pumpkin is badass.  Mine is just ehhh….IMG_6432

Off to the Pumpkin Patch We Go!

Now that Liam’s party is over it’s time to focus on Halloween treats, eats, and fun events!  There is never a dull moment in the Mitchell home.  It might be the three of us at times, but that doesn’t stop us from having fun and making memories, especially with our little munchkin.  Let’s start with our visit to the Faulkner Farm Pumpkin Patch.  It’s about an hour away from where we live, but a visit here was a must.  There is much more to do and the scenery is amazing.  Plus, Tim’s mom lives right around the corner so we swooped her up on the way.

Stuff to do at the patch; Free hay rides, hay pyramid, corn maze, hay maze, animal viewing, pony rides, train rides, pumpkin chucker, face painting, music, eat delicious food, and of course picking your favorite pumpkins to carve.

We didn’t get to try all of what the patch had to offer since baby Liam can only do so much.  Oh, and I can’t forget Tim’s obsession with football.  It was a Sunday afternoon so someone was looking forward to watching his games. 🙂

However, we will return next year!  Stay tuned to our pumpkin carving photos!

Happy Fall Y’all!

IMG_0527 IMG_0528 IMG_0529 P1000207 P1000209 P1000216 IMG_0537 P1000218


P1000224 P1000225Tri-tip sandwiches, corn on the cob, and a cold Coors light for lunch!
IMG_0542 IMG_0546


Happy Fall from the Mitchell Family!

Liam’s Monster Bash

I am so excited to finally share Liam’s 1st birthday party with everyone!   He turned the BIG 01 on October 11, 2013, but our “scheduling” dictated us to “push” the world famous “Monster Bash” two days later on a Sunday. It was several days of monster project making and baking, but it was definitely worth it. Tim got home late Friday and was able to pitch in! Team effort people! Enjoy……..


Cute and colorful monster favors for the kids!  I thought they were a perfect addition to the party.

“Adopt a Monster”IMG_0418  I printed 4×4 photos off my Instagram and did a month to month banner of Liam’s 1st year.
IMG_0435 IMG_0437

Liam’s Birthday Party!
IMG_0645Fuzzy monster centerpieces made by me.  There was suppose to be a bigger green monster centerpiece as well, but those blew up in my face…twice.  Ugh, long story.  I just settled with the 2 small orange ones.
IMG_0743Eyeballs out of paper plates.   I thought about this in my dream.  Seriously, my idea and it was genius!  lolIMG_0638Cupcake toppers also made by me…
IMG_0657Do you see that cylinder on the corner with the green Sour Powers?  Well, that was suppose to be a tall cool candy apothecary jar, but it broke that morning. 😦  Bummer.  Plan B wasn’t too bad considering it was a flower vase. IMG_0642Goodie bags for the older kids and adults.   Because we all need a sugar rush. 🙂
IMG_0496IMG_0640IMG_0641Our awesome 5-eyed monster cake!  Great job done by Sugar Babies Cubcakery!IMG_0658I was so happy I didn’t have to worry about making the food for the guests.  We hired a taco man who made delicious tacos outside our party room, which is why I decided to focus on a dessert table.  Here it is! Ta Daa!

Monster photo booth time!

Some of our guests didn’t have a chance to take photos.  But here are a few fun shots to share… 🙂IMG_0674




IMG_0692 IMG_0685


“Say Cheeeeeeeeese!!!!!” 😛
IMG_0696 IMG_0708 IMG_0737 IMG_0707


IMG_0656Monster coloring pages kept a few of the kiddos busy.

Annnd the monster bubbles were a hit!IMG_0651





It’s obviously Liam’s 1st cupcake.  Can you tell?

 “Liam you have a bit of frosting on your face.”IMG_0734




Tim…. “ummm Liam is eating the cupcake wrapper.”

  Happy Birthday my sweet baby boy!