Pumpkin Carving Fun!

Seems like all the fun is going by so fast!  With busy work schedules and lots of things to do, we still manage to somehow, last minute, keep up with it all.  We had our pumpkin carving evening a couple days ago so I wanted to share some photos with everyone.  It wasn’t a huge party, just the three of us having a little fun.  Oh, and I forgot to mention our dog Cookie.  She had fun too.  🙂

Tim worked on his pumpkin while I made Pina Ghoulada’s and cooked pork tostadas/tacos for the evening.  I also read a few Halloween books to Liam.  He loves “The Little Old Lady Who Wasn’t Afraid of Anything.”  He laughs at the pumpkin head at the end.  For some reason the sound of “Boo Boo” is funny to him.



IMG_0762See, for some reason that pumpkin head is funny! Look at that huge grin on baby Liam’s face. lol
IMG_0768My delicious Pina Ghoulada.  Not too bad for the first attempt!IMG_0755
P1000287 P1000300 P1000306Clearly Tim’s pumpkin is badass.  Mine is just ehhh….IMG_6432


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