Valentine’s Day with my Little Man

If anyone is excited, besides Liam, it’s me making these awesome vday pancakes for my little man.  We started off our morning with xoxo breakfast.  I got the idea from Parent’s Magazine.  I didn’t have cookie cutters so I used a ketchup squeeze bottle that I bought at Ralph’s for 34 cents.  A little messy transferring the batter into the bottle, but what isn’t when you are cooking/baking for a child.  I have so much fun making holiday meals for him.




 A big breakfast and a nap was not the end to our Valentines Day.  While we waited for Tim to get home from work, Liam and I headed outside for some fresh air and baby chasing.  He continued repeating the word car as he pointed to them down our driveway.  So proud of my munchkin!

IMG_2732 IMG_2730
IMG_2706 IMG_2705

 I tried handing him some flowers so I can snatch the keys out of his hand, but had no luck.  It really is like taking candy from a baby.  He was not having it, but he did love the flowers! 😀



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