Baby #2!!!

We are SOOO EXCITED to announce that we are expecting baby #2 on November 13, 2014!!!  The Mitchell family is growing, which means we have a lot of changes coming up.  New car, new place, new stroller… these are just a few from our to-do list.   I’m so thankful for everything and can’t wait for more of the Mitchell adventures.

Oh, and weekly postings are back!





Our Wedding Mini Clip

It’s been 9 months since our wedding in Costa Rica.  It was such a magical event shared with the people we love.  Most of our family couldn’t make it so we made sure to capture each special moment through photos and through our wedding video.  We received our mini-clip not to long ago and I’ve been eager to share it with all of you.  If you haven’t checked it out on Facebook yet, here it is!  We have a longer version which captures all of the ceremony and many other special moments throughout the event.  I am working on uploading the DVD so I’ll keep you posted.  For now here is a snippet of our awesome day!!  Pictures coming soon!


A Visit from Grandma

I can’t believe March is already over.  Spring has definitely sprung and there are so many things cooking up at the Mitchell pad (I’ll explain later).  For now,  I’d like to share a few photos of Liam last weekend.  We had a short visit with Grandma, my mom.  By short visit, I mean only 4 days.  It goes by fast when you are trying to catch up with everything.

When she arrived she surprised him with some cool tractor trucks.  Liam can’t get enough of trucks and cars.  He screams when he sees them at Target.   So when Grandma handed him those bright yellow and green toys he was in aw!

We didn’t do much during her visit.  I mostly caught up with my to-do list while she stayed home and babysat the munchkin.  She did however join us for a fun day at the park the day before she left.  Then we had a tasty Mexican dinner at Casa Vega.  I was dying for a margarita, but ended up chugging 2 glasses of diet coke.  The enchiladas were tasty as always.   Our dinner ended with a quick selfie of the 3 of us.  Good times!  Wish we could have had her here longer, but unfortunately she had to go back home to Texas.





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