“Ahoy It’s A Boy!”

Ahoy it’s a Boy, and his name is Jace T. Mitchell!  Who were the masterminds of this awesome baby shower?  The best cousins ever!  I always refer to them as my sisters.  They put together such a sweet shower for me and I’m so thankful for it, especially since I wasn’t going to have one for Jace.  This too, shall go in a memory album someday.  I am also grateful to all my close friends who could make it.  I even had a childhood friend show up who I haven’t seen in years!!!  You know who you are…Lile. lol  So good to see her and she looks just as beautiful as she did back when we were in grade school.  A few of my out-of-town Aunts showed up as well.  So awesome to have them part of this very special occasion.

   Besides this memorable event, our time spent in Texas was a blast!  I got to visit my family and Liam got to play with his cousins, Olivia and Roman.  There was something planned everyday so we were never short of fun and being bored was never an issue (photos coming soon).  Come to think of it, we were exhausted by the end of each day from all the excitement.  The only person we were missing was Tim.  Wish the hubby could have been with us, but he was hard at work in Washington and Utah.  I did share many photos with him and we continued to do face-time throughout the trip to keep him posted on all the fun stuff.  He kinda got jelly, but he was really happy that we got to spend time with the family. 🙂 So before I share our Texas trip photos with you, here are a few I snapped at the shower.  Hope you enjoy them as much as I do.  The decorations were adorable!

Gotta have a “Selfie” before arriving at the baby shower!



Liam AKA the Bait Bandit!




So cute… white powdered donuts as “Life Savers”


Apparently Liam is a Donut Bandit too!  The pic below proves it!photo-7



Goodie bags for the candy bait




My friends are all goofballs…





  My lovely cousins, Monica, Sara, and  Dina.  My Aunt Susan is in the middle holding the anchor 🙂






Jace will soon be sailing into our hearts and into our arms.  Here’s to another Mitchell adventure!!




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