Lately at Casa De Tim and Corina

First of all the move-in was CRAZY!   Especially doing all of it in this LA heat.  It was recently in the 100’s and the days and nights were pretty brutal.  I even got sick- pregnant, hot, and sick is seriously not a good combo.  Talk about feeling miserable!  It’s finally starting to get cool here, around the 80’s.  Who knows when fall weather will arrive.  I’m desperately praying for it though.

We’ve been in our new place for about a month now, and I am still working on organizing every room in this house.  It’s taking forever and moving at the pace of a snail doesn’t help me at all.  With how busy we’ve been with the new place and every other thing coming up, I haven’t had a chance to post anything.  I feel really guilty not keeping up with belly posts!  I’m due exactly 1 month from now and I haven’t had a day to relax.  Not just my body, but my mind.  Sometimes I think I do it to myself.  Maybe that’s the creative person in me, who knows.

Speaking of creative,  I’ve been working on styling Liam’s room and brainstorming style for Jace’s nursery. And on top of that,  I’ve been baking festive treats, planning Liam’s birthday party, and getting ready for Halloween.  Can you tell I like to keep busy?  It’s no wonder why I haven’t had a chance to sit down and post a few pics on the blog.  Please forgive me Jace.  Mama has her hands full at the moment and I’m pretty sure it’s gonna be nonstop when you arrive.  Looking forward to the adventure.

Here are a few photos of our latest activities.  I promise to follow up with a belly pic soon!

Our first project, besides painting Liam’s lilac walls to white, is putting together his little work table from Ikea.  This table is a steal!  Thought I’d spruce it up with some color so off to Home Depot we go!  I’ll post the DIY soon.





And in between organizing and decorating, Liam and I enjoy some homemade strawberry yogurt popsicles during the 100 degree weather.



Mama Belly at 32 Weeks


A vist to grandma’s house in Ventura…



Lately… there’s been a lot of baking.

Liam has been my little helper in the kitchen.  It takes a little patience keeping the flour in the bowl, but overall he does a great job and he LOVES it!!


Here is our complete batch of zucchini banana toddler muffins!  They were delicious!


We’ve been baking so much not only because I’m 36 weeks pregnant now, but also because Fall season has arrived!! The best time of the year!  I get so excited for all the holiday activities.  As of now, our October calendar is full of fun stuff so stay tuned for lots of pics!!

Happy Fall Y’all!!


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