Birthday Party Fun With A Few Friends

I was about 39 weeks pregnant and ready to pop at anytime when Liam got invited to two birthday parties in the beginning of November.  I’m not one to complain about being tired, but holy crap, by the 3rd trimester, this pregnancy really got to me.  Of course, that doesn’t stop me from taking Liam to a couple of birthday parties.  Oh heck no! I’m all about the fun and especially if it puts a smile on the little guys face.  But the problem with taking my toddler to a birthday party and being pregnant at the same time is that I have to chase him around nonstop.  And like many other pregnant women,  all I want to do is eat, sit, and relax.  But all of that is the complete opposite of what actually happens.  He’s quite the explorer (see train party pics below.)

The first birthday party was held at his friends house in the backyard.  It was good.  I didn’t have to worry too much about him running into the street or into strangers.  He played with a few baseballs and got to decorate a pennant with lots of sports stickers.  A few baseball cookies (aka Oreos), a hot dog, and we were good to go.

That train birthday party at travel town had a group lunch inside one of the trains.  Sounds like fun right?  Wrong.  There wasn’t anything inside that train that made him happy.  “Sit down and eat food?  That’s no fun.”  Boy do I wish I had a magic wand to make him sit and eat.  Food isn’t important by the way.  At least not for a 2 yr old.  After a few minutes inside the train, the tantrums began.  So back outside we go. Thank goodness Tim was there to help.  I swear I could have gone into labor at any point.

Theo’s 3rd birthday party on November 8th… 



Baseball Birthday Party


Baseball Birthday Party

Emerson’s 2nd birthday party at Travel Town on November 9th.




Travel Town Birthday Party

Travel Town Birthday Party

Travel Town Birthday Party

Travel Town Birthday Party

Travel Town Birthday Party

Travel Town Birthday Party


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