August 21, 2015

The day has finally come! My 1st born is growing up right before my eyes.  Like everyone says, “Enjoy these moments because they go by too fast.”  See that’s the problem, it goes by so fast, I find it difficult to step back and enjoy it.  Sometimes I have to remind myself not to go 100mph through life.  So just like that, the morning rush of getting Liam ready for his big day arrived; pack lunch, make breakfast, brush hair, brush teeth, change clothes, pack backpack, and repeat over and over, “Are you excited, Liam?!”  After all this, I thought, I’m definitely going to cry when I leave him at school.

On our drive there, I kept thinking to myself, how the hell am I going to get his first day of preschool photo?  Liam is one of those.  Yes, one of those toddlers that likes to say NO to a lot of things we say.  Especially when we want to take a picture of him. What is it with this word? Seriously!  Drives me nuts.  We finally arrived and thankfully Liam was in a great mood.  So I asked nicely, “Can I take a picture of you?”  And guess what this little dude said, “Ok!” I was ecstatic! Hence, the 50 photos taken of him in the same spot.  There were so many good takes, it was really hard to share only one.  Or maybe I’m just really proud of my little boy.  As I left his classroom, no tears.  Just a big smile…






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