My Hospital Bag

1.  Prenatal Vitamins-  Whichever  you choose, you are going to need them if you decide to breast feed.  Baby still needs those important vitamins.  I chose Nature Made because they were affordable and included DHA as well.

2.Water proof mascara-  If you care even just a tad bit about how you are going to look in those after photos, I would suggest using this.  I still tried to avoid photos just because I was still swollen, but mascara did help open my eyes a bit.

3.  Snacks-  Lots of them!  I was snacking the entire time because I was so hungry and the hospital food wasn’t the best.  Plus, they didn’t feed me meals prior to delivery!  I had mixed nuts, crackers, soft healthy Kashi Cookies,  and I even brought a six pack of sparkling juice just in case I felt nauseous.

4.  Stretch Mark Cream-  I was really lucky up to this point that I didn’t get those unwanted stretchmarks!! Thank goodness!  However, I still came prepared with cream since your belly goes from being the size of a watermelon to the size of a cantaloupe…still squishy!

5.  Belly Bandit–  This is very important if you want that belly to go back to normal size quick! Well, ok you won’t get the six pack you had prior, but it sure does help!!  I’d like to think that this had something to do with the 20lbs I lost the first week.   I wore this for about 6 weeks, which is the required amount of time.  It can be annoying at times especially when you sleep with it on.  Since I don’t sleep much I might as well keep it on.  Ha!  No more sleep for mama!! 🙂

6.  Nursing Night Gown– This was so useful during my time spent in the hospital.  For one, the gowns they provide for you are so annoying and uncomfortable.   Liam had to eat every 2-3 hours so having this gown was quick and easy.  Snap and unsnap is all you need to do.

7.  Camera-  My Luminx camera to capture those special moments. 🙂  Love this camera!

8.  Preggie Pops–  I was really lucky that I didn’t get sick not once throughout my pregnancy.  I didn’t want to take any chances so I came prepared with Preggie Pops just in case.   These pops were great!  If I had a slight bit of nausea, I just sucked on one of these.  Apple was my fav.

9.  Natural Nipple Cream from Earth Mama Angel Baby-  The hospital gives you a tube of Lanolin, which I also used.  What I like about this cream is that it’s organic and safe for baby.  It helped a lot for sore cracked nipples.

10. Burt’s Bees Lip Balm-  Dehydration = Chapped lips.  Tim was constantly reapplying Burt’s Bees on my lips.  It was very helpful.

11. Boppy Pillow- I regret not taking my boppy pillow.  We had to stuff pillows under my arm, under Liam’s head, and anywhere else to help prop the baby up.  I was surrounded by a mountain of pillows.  It was ridiculous!  And breastfeeding is NOT easy.  The baby has to be positioned the right way.  If not, it was painful.

12. I Phone and charger-  This is a given.  I took so many photos with my phone.  As far as outgoing phone calls, I left that to Tim.  He made sure he kept everyone updated.  🙂

13.  Ipod dock-  Listen to some soft music.  It helps.

14.  Hair Ties-  I have long hair.

15.  Tooth brush, face wash, moisturizer, and shampoo/conditioner.  I didn’t want to use anything that the hospital provided.


1st Trimester Must Haves…

Being that this is my first child, I wanted to make sure that I had all the essentials “the must haves” for the beginning months of pregnancy.  After all the research on the internet, I realized not all women are the same.  I didn’t need the body pillow or a water tumbler.  For one, during my first trimester my belly wasn’t big enough to need the body pillow (maybe the 2nd trimester).  So in the meantime, I just cuddled with Tim.  Also,  I don’t like to drink water through a straw or have to carry the water tumbler everywhere I go.  I’ll use one if I’m drinking coffee.  Other than that, it’s a water bottle for me.  Oh and another thing,  all those pregnancy books gave me a headache and stressed me out.  “Can’t die your hair?  No sushi?”   Jeez give me a break!  If I have a question guess who I ask?  MY DOCTOR!

1.  Like I mentioned before, there are so many pregnancy books out there.  I don’t want to even read one that amuses me or “for fun.”   The BEST book for me was What to Expect When Expecting.  Straight to the point ANNND information week by week.  It doesn’t get any better.  Who has time to read all those books?

2.  I tried to stay away from the regular cheese puffs so I stalked up on the Natural kind.  How natural?  Who knows! Damn they are so good!

3. Just the thought of a coconut daiquiri  makes my mouth water.  Come to find out that the lovely ingredient not only tastes good in drinks but it also works great for the skin and hair.  Another must-have for me! Seriously, just read the reviews here.  I use the oil on my belly and in my hair.  Skin feels soft and hair looks and feels healthy.  I also mix it in my smoothies.

4.  I have to give a shout out to one of my best friends, Carmen Humphries-Muirhead!  Not only did she send me pregnancy books to choose from, she also mailed me lots of other goodies.  A gift certificate to my favorite nail salon- “Use this when your belly gets as big as a basketball and you can’t reach your toes anymore.”  Ha! Love her!  She also sent me a pineapple ginger Archipelago Candle.  It burns nicely, smells great, and helps when you are feeling nauseated.  Ewww the thought of raw meat!!!! Gross!

5.  Maxi dresses..enough said.

6.  I definitely like my alcoholic beverages and desperately crave them.  Here’s what helped for me- Pellegrino Mineral Water +  fruit juice.

7. My canon camera.  Since all my close family and friends are back home, I thought it was a good idea to document my first pregnancy through this blog.  Also, this will be the first grand baby in the family! Other cool ideas would be to start a scrapbook or a slideshow.

8.  I love to shop at Trader Joe’s.  They have lots of healthy choices and random eats.  I discovered this protein powder there as well.  Good thing is, I can order more through Amazon. It has 100% Folic Acid, Calcium, Vitamin B12, Iron, just to name a few.  I mixed this in my shakes after my workouts.

9.  Besides the gallons of water I have to drink during pregnancy, I do enjoy my occasional coconut water to keep me hydrated.  They come in different flavors like pineapple and mango.

10.  My mom’s first pregnancy gift to me, Belli Oil.  I’m on my second bottle and have no complaints about this product.  It keeps my belly soft and keeps me from scratching it too.   It is a bit oily, but just let it dry for a couple of minutes and you are good to go.

11.  I bought Champion Sports Bras at Target.  I wear them during my workouts and when I go to bed.  Wearing a sports bra (or one that fits comfortably) can help prevent sagging and stretchmarks.

TAH DAH!! My first trimester must-haves! Would love to hear yours. 🙂