Liam’s Monster Bash

I am so excited to finally share Liam’s 1st birthday party with everyone!   He turned the BIG 01 on October 11, 2013, but our “scheduling” dictated us to “push” the world famous “Monster Bash” two days later on a Sunday. It was several days of monster project making and baking, but it was definitely worth it. Tim got home late Friday and was able to pitch in! Team effort people! Enjoy……..


Cute and colorful monster favors for the kids!  I thought they were a perfect addition to the party.

“Adopt a Monster”IMG_0418  I printed 4×4 photos off my Instagram and did a month to month banner of Liam’s 1st year.
IMG_0435 IMG_0437

Liam’s Birthday Party!
IMG_0645Fuzzy monster centerpieces made by me.  There was suppose to be a bigger green monster centerpiece as well, but those blew up in my face…twice.  Ugh, long story.  I just settled with the 2 small orange ones.
IMG_0743Eyeballs out of paper plates.   I thought about this in my dream.  Seriously, my idea and it was genius!  lolIMG_0638Cupcake toppers also made by me…
IMG_0657Do you see that cylinder on the corner with the green Sour Powers?  Well, that was suppose to be a tall cool candy apothecary jar, but it broke that morning. 😦  Bummer.  Plan B wasn’t too bad considering it was a flower vase. IMG_0642Goodie bags for the older kids and adults.   Because we all need a sugar rush. 🙂
IMG_0496IMG_0640IMG_0641Our awesome 5-eyed monster cake!  Great job done by Sugar Babies Cubcakery!IMG_0658I was so happy I didn’t have to worry about making the food for the guests.  We hired a taco man who made delicious tacos outside our party room, which is why I decided to focus on a dessert table.  Here it is! Ta Daa!

Monster photo booth time!

Some of our guests didn’t have a chance to take photos.  But here are a few fun shots to share… 🙂IMG_0674




IMG_0692 IMG_0685


“Say Cheeeeeeeeese!!!!!” 😛
IMG_0696 IMG_0708 IMG_0737 IMG_0707


IMG_0656Monster coloring pages kept a few of the kiddos busy.

Annnd the monster bubbles were a hit!IMG_0651





It’s obviously Liam’s 1st cupcake.  Can you tell?

 “Liam you have a bit of frosting on your face.”IMG_0734




Tim…. “ummm Liam is eating the cupcake wrapper.”

  Happy Birthday my sweet baby boy!

July 4th (TB)

Here’s a throwback (TB) to our July 4th holiday!  Since we were busy planning our destination wedding, which was on July 20th,  we didn’t have much time to post any of our family get togethers or any other special family moments.  So here are a few photos from our celebration of Independence Day spent at grandma’s house in Ventura, CA.  I promise I will upload our wedding photos soon!  Stay tuned to our awesome adventure in Costa Rica!!!

IMG_8530 IMG_8528 IMG_8407 IMG_8454 IMG_8444 IMG_8482

IMG_8350 IMG_8394 IMG_8487 IMG_8529

Pool Day with Baby Liam

This was Liam’s first time in the pool!  We had been waiting weeks for Tim to get home from work so that we can enjoy this sunny weather the right way.  The few days before he arrived I stocked up on baby swimmers, sunblock, swim trunks, and a baby float with canopy.  We were stoked!  Every day before Tim got home, I would take baby Liam to the pool to put his feet in.  He loved it so much I just knew he wanted to jump in and splash around.  Well, he got to finally experience the water when his daddy got home.  It was a short pool day, but definitely worth the wait.

We wait….

IMG_7174 IMG_7173


FINALLY!!  It’s pool day!

IMG_7264 IMG_7274 IMG_7276 IMG_7280 IMG_7281 IMG_7289 IMG_7291 IMG_7296 IMG_7318

IMG_7316 IMG_0428

Liam at 7 Months

Taken On:  5/17/13

7 Months

Weighing in at: 17lbs

Length: 28 inches

Favorite Food: A.R. Enfamil and homemade Applesauce, Bananas, Peas, Sweet Potato, Peaches, and Green Beans

Words: Da Da was his first word this month!  He still talks gibberish.  He still smiles, giggles, cries, and screams. lol

Nicknames: GI Joe (he moves like a crawling soldier), Love Bug

Liam’s 3 Top Picks: Baby Mum Mums, Shoe laces, Tommee Tippee Sippy Cups

Baby Got Skills:   Liam holds and eats his mum mums, always smiling and babbling, says dada mama, picks himself up to sit, grabs toys and any other objects in front of him, crawls to couch and lifts himself up, stands with one hand, moves his feet to walk holding onto is walker.

Enjoys: Standing up on his own, he loves to poke at Cookie, and he really enjoys dancing in your arms

Liam’s First Oatmeal Tasting

One out of the million questions that mom’s have.. “When should I introduce solid foods to my baby?”   They say between 4-6 months.  Once the baby starts taking interest in your food, then it’s time.  I swear I thought Liam spun his entire head around sniffing our dinners.  And now he’s attempting to snatch the food right off of our plates.  Sneaky baby!

So I researched the tools to make healthy delicious AFFORDABLE food.   I heard that other mom’s use just a food processor and ice trays to freeze servings of food.  Apparently, that works too.  I wanted the whole shebang!  Recipe book, containers, labels, food processor, travel bag, etc.  So I finally decided on Sage Spoonfuls.  So far, I’m loving it and I can’t wait to make more of the recipes soon.

I started out with organic oatmeal, which is super easy and fast to make with a food processor and some hot water.   We had no idea how Liam was going to react to the texture and the taste.  Good thing we decided to film some of it.  It’s hilarious!  I thought he was going to enjoy it, but apparently…. Well, see for yourself!