It’s the Little Things

Liam tries avocados for the first time.

(7 months)


Baby and doggy bonding moments.


Visits to the pediatrician are never fun. 😦


A little Italian meat and cheese plate for dinner….with wine.


Pool Time with daddy.


It’s the Little Things

Just bought a couple Ulubulu Baby Bibs and I have to say there are so far my favorite compared to the velcro and snap bibs.  Little nugget likes to pull on those and they easily come off.

With these new bibs, it’s a challenge for Liam.  Ha!! Keep trying buddy, it’s not gonna happen!  I bought the B.O.T and the Grill Shark.  Right now they are buy 1 get 1 free!!  So get them while they’re HOT!

Not only are they really fun and cool looking, they are also really easy to pack and dishwasher safe (100% silicone).  And what I love most about them is the pocket in front.  It captures Liam’s drool and mush.  Which means less clean up.  Yippie! 🙂

IMG_5241 IMG_5244 IMG_5247IMG_5248

It’s the Little Things


Banana Walnut Bread Recipe

I had exactly 3 REALLY ripe bananas and a carton of buttermilk that I needed to use up before it was too late.  The cranberry orange bread I made last time called for buttermilk also, which is why I had it sitting in the fridge.  Wish they would sell this stuff in smaller containers! By the way, this banana bread is delicious.  My neighbors said so.

popupstickersChristmas pop-up Stickers- used on presents and x-mas cards

P1000869Liam’s ornament from our family friend, Reda Garza.


Personalized pacifiers

Nickname: Lil Nugget and GDub all started from the day Liam was born until now.

It’s the Little Things…


Liam’s 1st personalized blanket from Theresa and Wilma.


Cookie loves the rain, but only when she’s not in it!


Baby Feet

Lt3Chocolate candy for the soul.  Who would of thought a bite size can taste like pecan pie?  One word…Yum.  Well done See’s Candies and thank you mom for the delightful Thanksgiving gift.

lt5Creative evening with my friend Brooke.  Dollar Store ornaments were painted white and bedazzled while drinking wine and eating homemade lasagna made by Brooke of course.  🙂