Pumpkin Patch Part 2

During the month of October one visit to the pumpkin patch just isn’t enough.  And as much as Liam loves pumpkins, I thought it was a great idea to visit another patch while my mom was in town.  This time we went to Tapia Brothers Pumpkin Patch, not too far from us.  This place wasn’t as big as Underwood Farms, but that didn’t stop Liam from having a great time.  He ran so fast repeating the word “pumpkins.”  A few rounds and he was unstoppable. We finished up with a bag of popcorn and bought a few small pumpkins for our Thanksgiving decor.   Then we were off to the airport to say goodbye to Grandma.

pumpkin patch

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch

Pumpkin Patch

And of course popcorn to wrap up our visit at the patch.
Pumpkin Patch

Liam and Grandma

Pumpkin Patch


New Home New Adventures

I can’t believe I’m already 26 weeks pregnant.  What a stressful fews months it’s been!  I’ve been slacking on posts and I feel terrible that I’m not up-to-date with Jace’s progress and my belly posts either.  Not that I’m not excited (does this count as a double negative?), but with an almost 2 year old toddler, my hands are pretty full right now.  There is so much going on besides trying to look for a home to rent.  Yeah, surprise.  There goes our plan with staying another year in our condo and saving up to buy a home.  Our landlord wants to sell this place so we have to move out pronto. Since Tim is working in Greenland I don’t get to talk to him on a daily basis.  He’s been hard at work in the mountains shooting a really cool show for the Animal Planet.  Liam and I miss him so much.  I hope he never leaves for this long again! Ha!

So in the meantime….

I’ve been house hunting solo!  What a challenging and stressful job it is not having your significant other here to help make this decision.  Driving around LA in this heat with a toddler throwing tantrums is not fun either.  Poor little guy, I don’t blame him, but I was determined to find a place quick, so I did whatever it took.  After days of nonstop cold calling realtors and landlords and checking listings by the minute, I can finally breathe.  I found our home!  I am so thankful for the few genuine friends Tim and I have who reached out and helped me.  What a difference it makes when you know that people actually care.

Now, the to-do list continues.  It’s time to hire a maid, a carpet cleaning service, movers and most importantly, it’s time to physically move shit!  Don’t worry I won’t pick up a box just yet.  I’ll leave that to the muscle man coming home soon.  And of course the movers.  In between taking care of Liam, I’ve  started packing boxes and getting things in order here.  So much more to do.

One word… EXHAUSTED.


My little man at our new home today.  He was all smiles running around in the back yard.  Someone is really happy right now!


A Visit from Grandma

I can’t believe March is already over.  Spring has definitely sprung and there are so many things cooking up at the Mitchell pad (I’ll explain later).  For now,  I’d like to share a few photos of Liam last weekend.  We had a short visit with Grandma, my mom.  By short visit, I mean only 4 days.  It goes by fast when you are trying to catch up with everything.

When she arrived she surprised him with some cool tractor trucks.  Liam can’t get enough of trucks and cars.  He screams when he sees them at Target.   So when Grandma handed him those bright yellow and green toys he was in aw!

We didn’t do much during her visit.  I mostly caught up with my to-do list while she stayed home and babysat the munchkin.  She did however join us for a fun day at the park the day before she left.  Then we had a tasty Mexican dinner at Casa Vega.  I was dying for a margarita, but ended up chugging 2 glasses of diet coke.  The enchiladas were tasty as always.   Our dinner ended with a quick selfie of the 3 of us.  Good times!  Wish we could have had her here longer, but unfortunately she had to go back home to Texas.





IMG_3903 IMG_3904 IMG_3867IMG_3945


Fun at Beeman Park

Liam’s first and not the last time at Beeman Park in Studio City.  It was also his first time on a swing.  He was a bit confused in the beginning, but eventually had fun the last few pushes from daddy.  The part he enjoyed the most was running freely in the wide open field.  It was like a GIANT backyard for him!  Can’t wait until he can play soccer!  I am going to be his number one cheerleader on the sidelines. He’s gonna be so embarrassed.  Can’t wait! Ha!

 In no time he will be kicking balls and throwing them…at us I’m sure. 🙂




IMG_2094 IMG_2095