August 21, 2015

The day has finally come! My 1st born is growing up right before my eyes.  Like everyone says, “Enjoy these moments because they go by too fast.”  See that’s the problem, it goes by so fast, I find it difficult to step back and enjoy it.  Sometimes I have to remind myself not to go 100mph through life.  So just like that, the morning rush of getting Liam ready for his big day arrived; pack lunch, make breakfast, brush hair, brush teeth, change clothes, pack backpack, and repeat over and over, “Are you excited, Liam?!”  After all this, I thought, I’m definitely going to cry when I leave him at school.

On our drive there, I kept thinking to myself, how the hell am I going to get his first day of preschool photo?  Liam is one of those.  Yes, one of those toddlers that likes to say NO to a lot of things we say.  Especially when we want to take a picture of him. What is it with this word? Seriously!  Drives me nuts.  We finally arrived and thankfully Liam was in a great mood.  So I asked nicely, “Can I take a picture of you?”  And guess what this little dude said, “Ok!” I was ecstatic! Hence, the 50 photos taken of him in the same spot.  There were so many good takes, it was really hard to share only one.  Or maybe I’m just really proud of my little boy.  As I left his classroom, no tears.  Just a big smile…






Our Newest Addition!

I’m going to take it back 2 months from now.  Remember when I was pregnant for the second time? Well, that little guy was born on November 10, 2014.  Please welcome our baby boy, Jace T. Mitchell into this world!  And just like Liam’s birth date, Tim and I have a story time line to share with you.    I will add that later to this post. It’s been a bit crazy over at the Mitchell home.  The holidays flew by so quick, which is why I haven’t posted lately.  A terrible 2 and a newborn is a mix of craziness.  My multitasking skills are in full effect!  I have so much to share with you since the birth of Jace.  So let’s start with a few photos from the big day!

Born: 11.10.14

Weight: 7lbs 5 oz

Length: 20 inches

Jace Mitchell















Pre-Wedding Spa Day

Before I share our wedding adventure in Costa Rica, I wanted to post a few photos on my pre-wedding get together with some of my  girlfriends that live in LA.  My good friend Danielle, put together a nice spa day for me as a wedding gift.  Now, none of my bridal party attended because they all live in Texas, BUT having these few ladies around definitely put a huge smile on my face.  I am so blessed to know these girls, because not only are they awesome, they know how to have a really great time!!  Soooo thanks to Danielle Fiorito for organizing it!  Also, thank you  Jamie Bruton and Breanna Jensen for coming out and being a part of it.

We had massages, manicures & pedicures at Alchemie Spa in Santa Monica.  And Let’s not forget our private room with amazing appetizers and endless bottles of red and white wine!!!  It was awesome!


Danielle, Jami, Me, and Breanna

Sleep over at Danielle’s!  A table full of girl stuff.  Not sure if we were sober enough to paint our nails or read a magazine, but it was a great set-up. 😉

My lovely card from the ladies.  Thank you to Brooke, Lori, and Amber for contributing.  Sorry you gals couldn’t make it!  Wish you were there.


It’s the Little Things

IMG_3958Baby Liam’s FAVORITE toy in the house….the Rainforest Jumperoo!!  

IMG_4004Aunt Frances meets Liam for the first time!!  A few hours wasn’t enough, so we are flying to Washington to see her in March for a week!

IMG_4193My healthy protein shake – 1 banana, 1tsp of vanilla extract, 1 tbs Almond Butter, 1 cup of almond milk, 1 scoop of protein powder, and 4 ice cubes.  Blend.

IMG_4246I finally went and got my nails done on Valentine’s Day for the first time in months.    PS… don’t every take a 4 month old baby to the nail salon.   As you can see my nails are not 100% great.   It was a struggle to get Liam out of the carseat with wet nails.  And the crying didn’t help the process.  :/


Rice crispy treat Valentine’s Day hearts for the hubby.


Chicken, beet, and goat cheese salad at Marmalade.


Sprinkles cupcakes at the Grove.  Sooooo delish!!  I haven’t found any other place that has cupcakes this good.

IMG_4412Just one of the many delicious entrees at Fat Cow owned by Gordon Ramsay located at the LA Grove. We enjoyed a night out with our good friends Amber and her husband Teft.  Pictured here is the Original Fat Cow Beef Burger ordered and eaten by my husband Tim.  YUM, and if you ever decide to eat at this place, you MUST order the Sticky Toffee Pudding for the dessert.  There are no words to describe this AMAZING dessert.  It’s the best I’ve ever eaten at any restaurant.

It’s the Little Things


Green Tea Boba and a hot latte on a sunny afternoon in LA


I turned my back for a quick second and the little guy was passed out in his bouncer.  Picture perfect moment.


My healthy breakfast burritos- WW tortilla, egg whites, sliced turkey, sautéed spinach, and LF cheese


I walk in from a yoga class and see daddy and son sleeping.  Priceless.


It’s just the beginning of Liam’s giggles.

IMG_3452Liam sleeps quietly with his hand behind his head just like daddy.


Liam has now graduated to the adventure position!!  He loves to explore. 🙂


With a bun in the oven Tim and I have lots to think about!  Well, Tim is probably leaving most of the design ideas to me since I am the creative thinker.   Lately I’ve been thinking about nurseries.  Don’t know if it’s a boy or a girl yet so thought I’d put together some ideas for layouts and colors.  I don’t like tacky themed rooms if you know what I mean (barbie doll pink is not my fav)!  I love subtle colors and chic simplicity.  Check out a few of my favorites below!  Let me know what you think.  Remember I’m new to all of this! 🙂

*Gray and yellow are always a good combo.

*White furniture for the nursery brightens up the room.

*Who doesn’t want an elephant chair? How cute!

Image: Pinterest

*lime green and easter egg blue are not my favorite color choices

*but the white frames on the wall with newborn pictures would be great!

*I also like the layout if you had to design a small room.

*Remember I said I don’t like Barbie pink?  Well, I really don’t!

*This Milano Red from Benjamin Moore is great.

*Wall photos also a plus! Great border too.

*Not sure if I want a chandelier in the nursery.  Believe me, I’m not that fancy.

*My favorite part of this nursery is the white furniture and curtains.

*Any suggestions on where to buy affordable furniture?

Image: Pinterest

*Not a nursery, but I really love the light blue and navy blue combo.

*The checkered rug is hip too.

Here’s a good start to get my creative juices going.  Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated! Hope everyone is having a great weekend!



Here’s the story…


“SHOCKER!” is a better word.. Somehow Corina gets me to go to a Coldplay concert at Jimmy Kimmel.. Yup.. Me at a Coldplay concert.. DON’T TELL ANYONE, I will lose my street cred/MAN Card, etc. Anything for love right? shoot me. So I make it through the concert (strangely enough I still have NO desire to buy Coldplay ANYTHING), we are driving home and Corina says “jeez I haven’t had my period yet, BUT I know it’s coming cuz my boobs hurt. But, it’s taking so long I think I may be PREGNANT”..

All I heard was “pregnant”… At the time you people may think that I panicked.. On the INSIDE I was FREAKING OUT!  On the OUTSIDE I was cool as can be.. “Hey babe, so I’m gonna drop you off and run to the store, be right back.” I don’t know the last time any of you bought a “Pregnancy 3 pack with a free FERTILITY test combo”) but not only are they NOT cheap, the Ralph’s by us kept them in a security LOCK BOX! It’s easier to walk out with booze and tobacco than it is to discretely walk to the checkout with a lockbox full of pregnancy tests!! I knew when I saw that BIG, Clear Plastic box containing a Big Bright Pink box inside EVERYONE was gonna start judging… And they did.. Well screw them! Daddy still HAS IT!!! hahahahaha

I made it home and handed a Test off to Corina and took out the trash.. I walked to the dumpster and by the time I got back Corina was in tears and couldn’t speak. (like she needed to at that point.) I tell her ” Calm down baby! It takes AT LEAST 5 minutes for the results!!” Without ONE second hesitation she says ” For what!? The SECOND LINE TO DISAPPEAR!!??” (still in tears)

Ya well the surprise went away after Test #2.. Corina snuck in the bathroom for the 3rd one thinking I hadn’t noticed.. When she came out (not crying this time) all I said was “Positive, huh?”

As for the Fertility test.. We are selling that thing on EBAY..

I have never had a doubt that I wanted children.. The “with who” was an issue until I met the woman of my dreams. Corina is going to make the best Mom. I can picture her now and in the future with our baby. Watch out PTA!


Well shit!  Expect the unexpected are now words I live by.  I’m telling you, this was a HUGE shocker and I never thought this would happen…at least not anytime soon.  I had plans! Everyone has plans!  Right?

That night was so emotional and I couldn’t help but cry.  Something I never thought of before is now happening to me and I didn’t know what to do! I stared at the wall for about 30 minutes telling myself this can’t be true.  3 tests later and I still couldn’t believe it. Next day, I called and set up an appointment for a blood test.  I needed an answer from the doctor immediately!

The day of the appointment I fill out paperwork.  Receptionist tells me my first prenatal appointment is in 2 weeks.  WHAT? PRENATAL appointment?!?!  But I’m NOT pregnant!!!  So I thought I wasn’t.  She then sends me upstairs to draw blood.  I asked the nurse, “Sooooo how accurate are those pregnancy tests?”  She said, “There are more false negatives then false positives.”

Wait…huh? what?  I can’t…

I’m clearly SPEECHLESS!!!!  Tim then looks at me and says, “Babe, your pregnant.”  I still wanted to hear the doctor say it, but I had to wait the entire weekend to get results.  The loooongest weekend eveeeeer!

Monday rolls along and I make that call….

Me: “Hello, I am calling for my blood test results.”  This is Corina Garcia.

Receptionist: “Pregnancy test?”

Me: “Yes.”

Receptionist: “Please hold.”  

Me:  (loooongest 5 seconds eveeeer!)  

Receptionist: “Hello, Mrs. Garcia?” 

Me: “Yes?”

Receptionist: “Congratulations… You are PREGNANT!”

Me:  “Ok, thank you. Bye”

WOOOOW!!! I didn’t know whether to cry or to scream.  So I did both.

I am so lucky and thankful to have the most amazing man in my life.  Not only has he been patient with my moodiness (especially during this hormonal time ha!), he also reminds me everyday how much he loves me.   And if I want chili cheese dogs, ice cream, and cheese puffs,  he saves the day.  🙂