Pre-Wedding Spa Day

Before I share our wedding adventure in Costa Rica, I wanted to post a few photos on my pre-wedding get together with some of my  girlfriends that live in LA.  My good friend Danielle, put together a nice spa day for me as a wedding gift.  Now, none of my bridal party attended because they all live in Texas, BUT having these few ladies around definitely put a huge smile on my face.  I am so blessed to know these girls, because not only are they awesome, they know how to have a really great time!!  Soooo thanks to Danielle Fiorito for organizing it!  Also, thank you  Jamie Bruton and Breanna Jensen for coming out and being a part of it.

We had massages, manicures & pedicures at Alchemie Spa in Santa Monica.  And Let’s not forget our private room with amazing appetizers and endless bottles of red and white wine!!!  It was awesome!


Danielle, Jami, Me, and Breanna

Sleep over at Danielle’s!  A table full of girl stuff.  Not sure if we were sober enough to paint our nails or read a magazine, but it was a great set-up. 😉

My lovely card from the ladies.  Thank you to Brooke, Lori, and Amber for contributing.  Sorry you gals couldn’t make it!  Wish you were there.



What’s Mom up to?

Bridal Dress Shopping


It was definitely an experience at each one of these bridal places, which I’ll explain later.  I was really not in any mood to try on dresses for the fact that I just had a baby and still trying to hit my goal weight. Yay! :/ Ugh, the pressure.  Our wedding is about 5 months away and I found out that you have to order the dress at least 6 months in advance.  Great, now I have to pay a rush order fee.  Also, this means I need to start trying on dresses and make the decision pronto!

Day 1

This was definitely impromptu with no appointments.  Figured I could just look and not try on any dresses just so I have an idea for the second time around.  It started with a lunch at my favorite lunch spot in West Hollywood  at Urth Cafe with my Man of Honor, Richard.  Perfect way to start looking for dresses…bloated and full. Ha!


The easy way to try on dresses.  Just hold it against you and take a photo.  I did find out later that there are some places that won’t let you take photos. Bummer.


Day 2

I had several appointments scheduled.  This time without Richard, so I didn’t have someone else’s opinion, but the wedding stylist herself.  I first started at Monique lhuillier.  I can’t explain how beautiful these dresses are. You have to see them in person yourself.  I was in awe!

Since It was my first stop, I tried on every type of gown you could imagine; ball gown, Empire waist, A-line, skirts for rehearsal day.  Just for the fun of it.   Well, little did I know that it was going to be a bitch putting on those dresses.  One, all dresses are sample sizes.  So if you are not a size 6 or smaller, your screwed.  I was exhausted after the 3rd dress and over it.


IMG_3590 IMG_3593

Second stop was Brides by Liza.  I couldn’t take any photos there, but found a few dresses that were good.  Moving on….

3rd Stop, Winnie Couture.  This was one of my favorite places!  Not only because they offered free champagne ( winner!), but because they were really nice and the place was so fun!  From the hanging chandeliers to the oversized mirrors, this place was awesome.  Plus, it smelled like fresh roses!

IMG_3608 IMG_3618

Day 3

Richard joins me for another day of shopping.  We started out at Brides by Liza.  I was still not sure about what I wanted.  I had an idea, but couldn’t find that one dress that was similar to one that I found on pinterest.  I showed a photo to Liza of a dress that I was in love with.  It was a silk flowy dress with an extremely low v-neck.  She said she could make that exact same one for me.  I was so excited to hear that she could do this!  My dream dress custom made!  The only problem is, I can’t try it on.  So I have no idea what it’s going to look like.  Of course, it looks supberb on the runway model.  Duh! But on me?  Yeah right!  I have a lot to think about here.  Do I want a custom made dress that I can’t try on or do I just settle with a dress that I have to rush order.  I was so confused.  I needed food.  So we went to lunch!!
IMG_3703 IMG_3708 IMG_3713

Last stop, Panache Bridal!  Wow! The dresses here were even better!  We couldn’t take photos of the dresses either.  I let Richard pick out all the dresses to try on.  I didn’t want to think at this point because Liam was getting fussy and I had no energy to decide on what I wanted.  He picked out several amazing dresses.  One style that I was very opposed to was the mermaid dress.  I decided to try it on anyways just to see what it looks like.  Well, guess what?!  I fell in love with the dress of course.  Ugh, now I am between a silk flowy dress or a fitted mermaid one.


I had 3 days to decide…