How We Met

For the record. There are TWO versions of the night we met. We will provide OUR versions and YOU the reader may decide who’s version you deem the truth. Thank You.

Background- THREE things that happened the night we met are agreed upon truths.

1. Our mutual friends Taina and Chris invited us out for dinner and a night out downtown LA.

2. The dinner was Mexican.

3. Corina walked in, and sat down RIGHT next to me.


I don’t go out downtown. Ever. But, my good friend Chris is moving to NY and I want to see him before he leaves. So I go. I arrive at the restaurant and it’s pretty dead. There was 4 of us at that point. Taina, Chris, Duy, (pronounced yee) and me. I ask Chris where is everybody and he said they were coming. And “Corina” is coming too. I asked him who Corina was and the standard ” is she cute, is she clean?” Chris laughed and said “Yes, but she’s WAAAY out of your league buddy, I know you and I can’t wait to watch this.” I smiled and said it’s on! We are about 15 minutes in, and fashionably late comes this vision of beauty, style,and long dark wavy hair. Corina glides up to the table and says her hello’s… wow. She was even more “out of my league” than Chris said, but hell if I was gonna tell him though! Gorgeous like I can’t afford her gorgeous. Her smile lit up the dim restaurant. I got the proverbial handshake and the “nice to marry you/MEET you” and all I could think of was Game on. I’m telling you people, I whipped out the BIG lines and the jokes. I acted interested but not infatuated. “so your a stylist huh, you dress like it.” I noticed things like her “dream big” tattoo. “thats a sweet tattoo. Oh, and you want more? I know- you should get my name tattoo’d on your ass.” She LOVED IT!I Hook, line and sinker. I had her laughing and she couldn’t stop that smile. So, dinner is over and now we head out to the bars. I kept my distance to let Corina have some space because everyone knows to not be too pushy. We went to three bars and at the final spot, The Gorbals. It’s a small German dive bar. Corina mentioned that she had a “friend” she was meeting later. So I played it cool at this point. Corina and I were sitting next to each other at the bar and she asks me “do you have Facebook?”.. I thought.. oh ya, this is it! Boom. Friend request. Accepted. I got her now. So, she gets up and says she has to go. I play it smooth and wait my turn. I get a hug. A nice, firm FULL frontal hug. Not one of those ass out, barely know you hug complete with a pat on the back, but the REAL DEAL. To top it all off, I turn back to the bar smiling and she walks behind me towards the door and gives me a light brush across BOTH shoulders with her hand as she strolls out… Yep, it’s going down! I’m asking this one out. So, a couple days later I message Corina on Facebook and leave a short note. Hey what’s your number, cuz I’m taking you out… Boom

tc1At the Whaler in Venice beach.


Our first Cinco De Mayo celebration together in West Hollywood.


Just like Tim, I never go downtown Los Angeles, unless I have a designated driver then that’s a different story.It had been a while since I had seen Taina and Chris. We all worked on a show together in New Jersey. Partied several times in New York and stayed friends ever since. So back in Los Angeles, Taina and Chris invited me to come have dinner downtown because they were moving back to NYC. Sure enough, I thought why not. I’ll have dinner, a couple of drinks, and come back home. I was actually going to meet a friend at a local bar next to my place… So I arrive at the Mexican restaurant and and noticed two seats available. Both at each end of the table. The only reason I chose the seat next to Tim was because I thought the other one was taken! A wine glass filled with water fooled me. So there I am sitting next to Tim. Didn’t think anything of it. Just that his shirt was too short and he was a funny guy. “Tattoo of your name on my ass? Haha funny” …yeah right.

Dinner was over. We went to a few other bars and finally ended up at Gorbals. We all sat at the bar. I had one beer. Apparently, I asked Tim if he had a facebook. I don’t deny that. I always ask, especially if they work in the industry. It’s important to network. Just another friend/connection in the production world.  At this point I was ready to head back. I say my goodbyes to everyone with a hug. Tim says I swept my hand gently across his back.. (I laugh when I think about this) I don’t remember doing any of that. And if I did, that wasn’t a sign that I liked him. At that point in my life I wasn’t paying attention to any of those things.

So I am back in West Hollywood. Meet my other friend for drinks and go on with my life. Then a couple days later, I get a Facebook message from Tim. It was pretty straight forward. “What’s your number? I am taking you out.” I don’t think I even had an option by the tone of his message. I thought, wow a man who knows what he wants. There wasn’t any sort of game playing here. I kinda like that. So I agreed to give him my number. Our first date was sushi dinner and a day of golf. I had such a great time. I don’t think I’ve ever smiled so much in my life. And for this reason, I felt like I was in the right place at the right time. tc2

Halloween 2011- We won the best couple’s costume!


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