Liam’s First Oatmeal Tasting

One out of the million questions that mom’s have.. “When should I introduce solid foods to my baby?”   They say between 4-6 months.  Once the baby starts taking interest in your food, then it’s time.  I swear I thought Liam spun his entire head around sniffing our dinners.  And now he’s attempting to snatch the food right off of our plates.  Sneaky baby!

So I researched the tools to make healthy delicious AFFORDABLE food.   I heard that other mom’s use just a food processor and ice trays to freeze servings of food.  Apparently, that works too.  I wanted the whole shebang!  Recipe book, containers, labels, food processor, travel bag, etc.  So I finally decided on Sage Spoonfuls.  So far, I’m loving it and I can’t wait to make more of the recipes soon.

I started out with organic oatmeal, which is super easy and fast to make with a food processor and some hot water.   We had no idea how Liam was going to react to the texture and the taste.  Good thing we decided to film some of it.  It’s hilarious!  I thought he was going to enjoy it, but apparently…. Well, see for yourself!