Choo Choo!

Have I mentioned how much we love birthday parties? This weekend Liam and I (sadly, Tim had to work) had some fun at Travel Town Museum celebrating his buddy Theo’s 2 year birthday.  What a great place to throw a choo choo train themed party.  They have historic railroad locomotives and cars  to see and you can ride a miniature train around the park.  Liam and I skipped the train ride.  He was actually more interested in running around and exploring rocks and leaves.  Next time, when he’s a bit older, and can sit still, we will take that ride!

First stop, the beverage bucket.  Nooo, he didn’t drink the soda, but he did have fun taking it out and running away with it.  IMG_0967



P1000366 P1000364


“Someday I’ll ride that train.”P1000377

P1000341 Sometimes you just have to throw stuff on your plate and run…after your little one that is.


There were so many cute favors for the guests and a table for crafts.  I had to stop half way before Liam destroyed the marker on the wooden train.  Overall, we got some color on it. 🙂 The favors were small little candy filled jars and a conductor hat with a train whistle attached.   ADORABLE!






I brought back a little something for Liam from the gift shop.  He loves his books so much at home, I decided to get him his 1st Thomas the Train book.  And he loves it!  Yay!IMG_9130


Liam at 11 Months

Taken On: 9/14/2013

11 Months

Weighing in at: 19.2 lbs

Length: 29 1/2 inches (ish)

Favorite Food: He still likes his AR Enfamil in the mornings.  Breakfast- oatmeal, bananas, peaches, and yogurt.  Lunch- turkey, potatoes, avocado, and peaches. Dinner- turkey or chicken, sweet potato, carrots.  Snacks- graham crackers and mum mums. What’s new? garbanzo beans and peaches.

Words: Mama, dada, and cookie (our dog).

Nicknames: My love muffin and love buggy bug.

Liam’s 3 Top Picks: My First 100 Words Book, Skip Hop Zoo Straw Bottle, Baby First TV

Baby Got Skills:   Liam is now walking all the time!  He claps his hands when mommy and daddy clap or when we sing patty cake.  He points to things and talks gibberish (he does this a lot when he looks at his books).  He says cookie along with mama and dada.  He drinks from a straw and sippy cup (sometimes while walking).  He can also spot and pick up the smallest little things on the floor.

Enjoys:  reading time, walking, going for strolls outside with cookie, likes putting his hands in the doggy bowl (we’ve caught him a few times with dog food in his mouth!), he loves to dance and watch Baby First TV.  He’s obsessed with their signature song.

Breakfast at Sweet Butter


June 7, 2013

One of my favorite places to go for breakfast in our neighborhood is Sweet Butter.   So far the best blueberry pancakes! They also have Dry Cucumber Soda….LOVE this drink (see below).  I have to order a few cases to cure my craving.  I’m excited to try it with a little bit of vodka too.  😉  There’s nothing like a refreshing cocktail in this summer’s heat!  Here are a few photos from our little outing in Sherman Oaks.






Clearly Liam can’t wait to dip that spoon in a bowl of ice cream!






What Liam Wore:

Hat & Shoes: Old Navy

Shirt: Crazy 8

Pants: GAP

July 4th (TB)

Here’s a throwback (TB) to our July 4th holiday!  Since we were busy planning our destination wedding, which was on July 20th,  we didn’t have much time to post any of our family get togethers or any other special family moments.  So here are a few photos from our celebration of Independence Day spent at grandma’s house in Ventura, CA.  I promise I will upload our wedding photos soon!  Stay tuned to our awesome adventure in Costa Rica!!!

IMG_8530 IMG_8528 IMG_8407 IMG_8454 IMG_8444 IMG_8482

IMG_8350 IMG_8394 IMG_8487 IMG_8529

Liam at 10 Months

Taken On: 8/13/2013

10 Months

Weighing in at: 18.8 lbs

Length: 29 1/4 inches

Favorite Food: Not too much A.R. Enfamil now.  Our little munchkin really enjoys the homemade food that  mommy and daddy make.  Right now, he really likes chicken, strawberries, peaches, and still loves those sweet potatoes.  We also give him frozen watermelon cubes for his uncomfortable teething moments.

Words: Still mama, dada, and more cooing and babbling.  He does this a lot when he opens his books.

Nicknames: My little love buggy bug, love bug, munchkin, and Bulldog one zero.  Tim gave Liam this nickname because he crawls like a bulldog. And the one zero stands for 10 months.  Good one Tim!

Liam’s 3 Top Picks: Hardcover books, wooden alphabet blocks, and his FunKeys

Baby Got Skills:   Liam has reached a total of 12 steps!!  He’s moving quick and we can’t keep up.  He holds onto his toys and other objects around the house.  He likes to play tug-a-war sometimes.  He claps his hands and pulls himself up on furniture, stands up alone,  picks up very small objects, and drinks his sippy cup solo.  Annnd he loves to open drawers!!  Especially the the draw in the kitchen that has all the zip lock bags.  Those always end up on the floor.

Enjoys: Sneaking up the stairs, playing tug-a-war with Cookie and her toy rope, being outside, splashing in the water, playing in the kitchen- as soon as he hears us open the dishwasher he comes bulldoging in and hangs out on the rack.  Not sure why, but he loves it!

Liam at 9 Months

Taken On: 7/31/2013

( At 9 1/2 months)


Weighing in at: 18.7lbs

Length: 28 1/2 inches

Favorite Food: A.R. Enfamil and homemade sweet potatoes, ground chicken, potatoes, pears, blueberries, watermelon cubes, zucchini, broccoli, mum mums,

Words: Dadda and Mamma.  Lots of cooing too!  For monkey he says, “kee”

Nicknames: love buggy bug, love bug, munchkin

Liam’s 3 Top Picks: cold ice cubes tied in a small cloth, Banana Mum Mum’s, remote controls

Baby Got Skills:   At 9 1/2 months baby Liam took his first 2 steps!!  He can stand on his own, pull up to a standing position, sit, take a couple of steps, holds onto objects, clap hands, drink from sippy cup, say mamma and dada, pick up objects, open and close drawers, play tug a war.

Enjoys: Climbing into suitcases…still, loves watching Baby 1st TV, banging toys or remotes on our coffee table, crawling everywhere, standing on his own, pool time, sneaking up the stairs, and sticking his hand in the doggy bowl.

Liam at 8 Months

Taken On: 6/13/2013


Weighing in at: 17.09lbs

Length: 28 1/2 inches

Favorite Food: A.R. Enfamil and homemade sweet potatoes, green beans, ground turkey, and asparagus.  He is also loving the organic Baby Mum Mums, which are genius!

Words: Daddy, Mamma, and gibberish.  He likes to look at his toys and babble away.

Nicknames: My nickname to him is my “lovey dovey love buggy bug” (i know it’s weird)  Tim calls him “quit”  ALOT because he’s all over the place: slapping, chewing on stuff, pulling Tim’s hair, knocking down glasses, etc.

Liam’s 3 Top Picks: Cold metal spoon, Musical Activity Walker, Bright Starts Having a Ball Giggables

Baby Got Skills:   Liam does not like to lay down anymore.  He flips in a second and starts moving.  He loves to stand and walk using his activity walker or walk/cruise holding onto furniture, he rakes up the smallest objects he can find and pinches it with his fingers, he can sit up on his own,  he plays tug-a-war with cookie using her rope.  I also saw him stand alone for about 20 seconds not holding onto anything.  He’s a brave little guy…and strong.

Enjoys: Pool time, still loves to dance,  smile,  walk, and bite on cords and tags.  He especially loves to climb on anything he can get his hands on, e.g. my suitcase and cardboard boxes.

Pool Day with Baby Liam

This was Liam’s first time in the pool!  We had been waiting weeks for Tim to get home from work so that we can enjoy this sunny weather the right way.  The few days before he arrived I stocked up on baby swimmers, sunblock, swim trunks, and a baby float with canopy.  We were stoked!  Every day before Tim got home, I would take baby Liam to the pool to put his feet in.  He loved it so much I just knew he wanted to jump in and splash around.  Well, he got to finally experience the water when his daddy got home.  It was a short pool day, but definitely worth the wait.

We wait….

IMG_7174 IMG_7173


FINALLY!!  It’s pool day!

IMG_7264 IMG_7274 IMG_7276 IMG_7280 IMG_7281 IMG_7289 IMG_7291 IMG_7296 IMG_7318

IMG_7316 IMG_0428