Our Holidays in Wyoming

The last time Liam experienced snow was when he was 6 months old on our visit to DC.  He was indeed a happy little guy, but now even more happier hearing the crunch as he walks runs through it.  Our first day there, he was unstoppable. He loves seeing all the animals on the Mitchell Family Ranch including the cows, geese, kittens, and their family dog, Sundance.  Excuse the excessive amount of photos.  I can get photo crazy, especially during our travels.  There are so many good ones I couldn’t resist.  I hope you enjoy them as much as we do. 🙂

Our arrival at the Mitchell Family Ranch…





Christmas morning…


A priceless moment to see Liam smile Christmas morning as he looks out the window.  His first word was, “wow!”  Talk about your heart melting.  I love to see him happy.


Presents everywhere!!

IMG_0995And let’s not forget the mimosas! 😉


After opening Christmas presents we took Liam outside for a bit to feed the chickens.  This was another exciting moment for the little guy, but it was so cold, so we had to hurry back inside.


The fun didn’t end there though, we got dressed in warmer clothes and headed back outside for a little more fun.


Our Mitchell family feat photo around the world!  Here’s our second shot in Wyoming.

IMG_1111 IMG_1112

IMG_1114 image-1



A very Merry Christmas indeed and we hope you all had one too.  Thanks for checking out our holiday photos!