Our Wedding Mini Clip

It’s been 9 months since our wedding in Costa Rica.  It was such a magical event shared with the people we love.  Most of our family couldn’t make it so we made sure to capture each special moment through photos and through our wedding video.  We received our mini-clip not to long ago and I’ve been eager to share it with all of you.  If you haven’t checked it out on Facebook yet, here it is!  We have a longer version which captures all of the ceremony and many other special moments throughout the event.  I am working on uploading the DVD so I’ll keep you posted.  For now here is a snippet of our awesome day!!  Pictures coming soon!



DIY Bride and Groom Signs

I came across this awesome sign on Etsy, illustrated by Katie Daisy, owner of The Wheatfield.  She makes some really beautiful watercolor paintings.  This particular one was part of my inspiration for our Costa Rica wedding.  I just love the watery hues and the summer beachy vibe you get from it.  I ordered this print and made it the center of attention on my guest table.  It was lovely!


Then I thought how cool would it be if I had her make the Bride and Groom signs just like this?  Well, I emailed her and a few days later she responded.  She was just too busy to fit it in her schedule.  I was soooo bummed!!  Anywoo, the artist in me came out and got creative.  I painted my own signs in the beachy hues I love.  What do ya think??