Before Liam’s birthday bash we had quite a few moments that I will never forget, especially the time when Jace spilled my boiling hot tea on his arm.  Worst parent of the year?  That’s exactly how I felt after the incident.  Just when you think you got it, you don’t.  It was around 6am and I placed my mug on the arm of the couch.  2 seconds later Jace knocked it right over.  Good thing he’s a strong little guy and babies heal fast.  I mean really fast.  It took about a week to heal. He had a 2nd degree burn.  Ouch!  My poor baby.  It didn’t keep him from smiling though!


Then there was Liam’s 2nd hair cut.  How did this turn out?  Look at this speed racer!  Fresh cut in his favorite race car ever!! It was a little rough in the beginning, but thankfully his hair stylist was patient and really sweet.  He even got a lollipop!


 He say’s “cheese” with his eyes closed.  We were invited to a Hello Kitty birthday party in Northridge.  My friend’s daughter turned 1 years old.  Super cute party, but soooooo hot out.  So hot, you couldn’t slide down the inflatable moon jump.  We had to use towels.  Liam was unstoppable regardless.  Look at that face!


Here’s a funny moment… One thing that Jace does almost every day at home is hang out in the hamper.   We call it his “jacuzzi.”


Time for a check up!  Jace’s arm looks great. Liam kept his cool at the doc’s office.  So cool, he even told the pediatrician, “mommy burned baby brother’s arm with hot tea!”  Thanks Liam.



Another perfect moment to capture my boys’ outside.  If you don’t know by now, I love taking photos in natural lighting.  This is right before walking into Hobby Lobby to do some birthday party shopping.  Again, blazing hot out.  This was September and we were freaking melting.


Tasty bacon jalapeño cheddar pretzels I made on game day.  You can’t eat just one…. seriously.

It’s a popsicle party at Grandma’s house.





Some of our pumpkins somewhat lasted until the beginning of December.  The smaller ones always do, at least.  It had been since Halloween that those pumpkins were just sitting out front on our steps.  We decided to keep the holiday spirit going with Thanksgiving, but now that we were already decorating the house with elves and antlers, it was time to throw them out.  I was about to toss the pumpkins until I came up with a great idea.  When I say great, I mean GREAT!  What a fun way to entertain toddlers- paint and pumpkins.  So I grabbed a piece of fabric from my party kit and laid it out in the backyard.  I brought out all the washable paints and cheap paintbrushes. While Jace was enjoying the sunshine, Liam was showing his true artistry.  I will continue to do this every year, but probably a little earlier to showcase his colorful pumpkins.  So fun!









 I was a little nervous not knowing how Liam would react with another little human being in our home, but it wasn’t too bad.  Before going into the hospital I bought Liam one of his favorite toys from the Disney character movie, Cars.  I wrapped it up in tissue paper and packed it in my bag.  The idea was to give him this small gift from his baby brother Jace.  We thought this would be a really nice way of introducing Jace to Liam.  When we arrived home from the hospital I entered the door first to give him all the hugs and kisses he needed.  I hadn’t seen him in a couple of days so it was a nice reunion.  Soon after, Tim walked in with Jace.  He was still sitting in his carseat when we introduced him to his big brother.  Liam looked a little confused, but still had a smile on his face.  Then I took out his gift from Jace and that was the end of that.  He grabbed the car with a huge smile and took off!!

 Liam wasn’t upset about having a baby brother in the house.  Because by the looks of it, he really loves hanging out with the little guy.  We did have trouble the first week or two dealing with a little jealousy.  Liam would get really upset if we didn’t pay attention to him.  Something he wasn’t use to, but after a while he calmed down.