Liam’s Monster Bash

I am so excited to finally share Liam’s 1st birthday party with everyone!   He turned the BIG 01 on October 11, 2013, but our “scheduling” dictated us to “push” the world famous “Monster Bash” two days later on a Sunday. It was several days of monster project making and baking, but it was definitely worth it. Tim got home late Friday and was able to pitch in! Team effort people! Enjoy……..


Cute and colorful monster favors for the kids!  I thought they were a perfect addition to the party.

“Adopt a Monster”IMG_0418  I printed 4×4 photos off my Instagram and did a month to month banner of Liam’s 1st year.
IMG_0435 IMG_0437

Liam’s Birthday Party!
IMG_0645Fuzzy monster centerpieces made by me.  There was suppose to be a bigger green monster centerpiece as well, but those blew up in my face…twice.  Ugh, long story.  I just settled with the 2 small orange ones.
IMG_0743Eyeballs out of paper plates.   I thought about this in my dream.  Seriously, my idea and it was genius!  lolIMG_0638Cupcake toppers also made by me…
IMG_0657Do you see that cylinder on the corner with the green Sour Powers?  Well, that was suppose to be a tall cool candy apothecary jar, but it broke that morning. 😦  Bummer.  Plan B wasn’t too bad considering it was a flower vase. IMG_0642Goodie bags for the older kids and adults.   Because we all need a sugar rush. 🙂
IMG_0496IMG_0640IMG_0641Our awesome 5-eyed monster cake!  Great job done by Sugar Babies Cubcakery!IMG_0658I was so happy I didn’t have to worry about making the food for the guests.  We hired a taco man who made delicious tacos outside our party room, which is why I decided to focus on a dessert table.  Here it is! Ta Daa!

Monster photo booth time!

Some of our guests didn’t have a chance to take photos.  But here are a few fun shots to share… 🙂IMG_0674




IMG_0692 IMG_0685


“Say Cheeeeeeeeese!!!!!” 😛
IMG_0696 IMG_0708 IMG_0737 IMG_0707


IMG_0656Monster coloring pages kept a few of the kiddos busy.

Annnd the monster bubbles were a hit!IMG_0651





It’s obviously Liam’s 1st cupcake.  Can you tell?

 “Liam you have a bit of frosting on your face.”IMG_0734




Tim…. “ummm Liam is eating the cupcake wrapper.”

  Happy Birthday my sweet baby boy!


Someone is Turning 1 Soon!

October 11th is right around the corner!! I can’t believe Liam is turning 1 soon.  You know what that means?  It’s time to PARTAY!  With all the crazy awesome birthday party themes out there, It’s so difficult to choose JUST one!   Only one? Ugh!

I know, I know, he’s turning one and he will never remember it…Wah Wah.  Well, guess what?  I’m his mama so I get to do whatever I want. 🙂  Now, first things first,  I have to figure out what theme  to get the ball rolling on the party planning.   The other day my little bookworm and I had a visit to Barnes & Noble.  I can’t tell you how much this little boy loves books!  Every night he falls asleep to  “On the Night You Were Born.”  Best book so far!  He also loves his hardcover color, number, and shape books.  The collection is slowly growing and I can’t wait to start working on a little reading area for the munchkin.


Anyways, back to the PARTAY  theme.  We came across a book while we were there and that’s when I decided….


“The Tickle Monster”  is going to be the theme for his 1 year birthday party!  Such a cute book and who doesn’t love these silly monsters?

Let the party planning begin!