Month 2 Top Picks

Month 2


1.  Crane Mya the Monkey I love this humidifier from Crane! By the 2nd month, Liam had a stuffy nose.  This helped so much.

2.  Aveeno Calming Comfort Lavender LotionLove the smell of lavender and vanilla.  My favorite so far.

3.  A&D Ointment– A&D and Auqaphor ointments are perfect for my baby’s bottom.  I apply this after every diaper change.  So far so good!

4.  Buff Baby Dumbbell Rattle– This was an awesome baby shower gift for Liam.  And it was actually his first toy rattle that he was able to hold.  He loves it! Plus, it’s fun to watch a baby hold a mini dumbbell. Ha!

5.  Firefly Plush Stroller Toy– I have several stroller toys, but this one seems to be baby Liam’s fav- bright colors, crinckles, and has a small mirror.

6.  The Happiest Baby on the BlockDamn! I wish I had bought this book when the bun was still in the oven.  Liam was so colicky in the beginning, it was so difficult to get him to stop. This book explains why babies cry and how to deal with it.   The 5 S’s are the ingredients to a calm baby- Swaddling, Side/Stomach, Shushing, Swinging, Sucking. 

7.  Little Tummies Gripe Water– Gassy baby no good 😦

8.  Who Loves Baby? Photo Album–  Helps develop eyes muscles and gets baby to focus.  It worked.  Liam would stare at the high contrast patterns for a long time.  Sometimes he would stop crying because he was so drawn to the colors and shapes.  It also holds 7 photos, which I plan to add very soon.

9.  Baby K’tan Wrap–  Very comfortable and useful for baby and me while walking the dog.  I take out our dog, Cookie, every morning and evening and usually Liam is with me.  So instead of taking the stroller I would wrap Liam in the K’tan.  It was so comfortable for him he would fall right to sleep!  So cute!  He just graduated to the adventure position.  

10. Cloth Diapers used as burp cloths– Whoever thought of using cloth diapers as burp cloths is genius!!  Now that Liam takes formula, he spits up a lot more.  These are thick and cover your entire shoulder.  I don’t use anything else but these.

11.  Tommee Tippee– Perfect warmer for our chubby Tommee Tippee bottles.  Warms in minutes and still works.

12.  Milk Feeding Bib 2-Pack in Blue– Great absorbent collar that will catch any milk leaks.  You just have to be careful when washing with other bibs.  I didn’t stick them together so the velcro got stuck on the fabric. meh!


Baby Liam Meets Santa

It’s 1:30pm and we are headed out the door and on our way to the Grove.  Today is the day Liam gets to meet Santa for the first time.  I am excited and curious.  Excited because it’s Santa. And Curious to see how Liam will react, how the Grove is going to do the “santa Thing”, and how long we have to wait.

Tim did some research prior to us leaving the house.  Reviews said don’t even try meeting Santa after 5:30pm, because the wait is 3 hours plus, and you may not even get to see Santa.  So we made sure we were out the door well before then.

As soon as we get to the Grove we went straight to the rooftop to park (parking was madness!).  We head over to Santa’s cottage.  I have to say, it is quite the spectacular Christmas experience. Lights, decorations, fake snow, Christmas music blaring, elves, and thousands of people. It was like a ritzy packed amusement park, like the ones Tim REALLY loves(not).. From a distance we see that there are about 3 people in line.  HOLY MOLY!!! Did NOT see that happening, the Christmas spirits have blessed us!! Tim and I had a smile from ear to ear. This, was gonna be MAGICAL!

But that “magical” feeling evaporated quicker than snow in July when we noticed a little sign that said “take a number.”  Our lucky number was 204.  Not bad right? It made sense.. This was the Grove right? Lots of people, and they ALL want to see Santa.. Well, they were on 70.

Damn!  So I asked the (freakishly authentic) girl elf at the front of the line about the wait.  She said, “the line is tricky, it can go quickly or pathetically slow, I have a good feeling though; come back at 5:30.”  Sure enough, that was 3 and 1/2 hours later.  Tim’s eyes blinked a couple times, then glazed over but he said nothing. I knew he was overjoyed.

Ugh!!  To good to be true. I convinced Tim to stay until then.  To kill time, we went off and had lunch at the Cheesecake Factory then did a bit of shopping after.  Our last stop was Nordstroms.

After waiting close to 4 hours, in organized chaos and Christmas music, we walked back to Santa’s cottage with our Christmas spirit slowly returning with each step..

Finally, it was Liam’s BIG moment!! Thats when the bomb drops..the (freakishly authentic) girl elf has the nerve to tell us that Santa is going on break. That’s when Tim’s eyes get big and both of us were….”ummm what?!” She goes on to say “the lucky number is 201″….we were #204. Son of a B%#@!!! She goes on to say “Santa has to break from 6:00-6:30, you will have to come back after that.” It was 5:40. I had somehow managed to keep Tim in this place for almost 4 hours and to make him wait another hour was way beyond my skill.

Oh boy, I saw Tim’s face and he wasn’t  happy.  Mostly in shock…he had no words(thank god).  I was so bummed! BUT, then the (freakishly authentic) girl elf see’s the rising anger disguised as disappointment in our faces and tells us that she “maaay” be able to get us in.

I think it had something to do with Tim being a really good samaritan that evening.  He found a money clip with credit cards and $700 in cash just sitting on a chair in Nordstroms. Tim saw it, picked it up, counted it, showed me and then handed it to the salesperson. Don’t know what happened after that, hopefully the salesperson continued the karma! We didn’t stick around, Santa was waiting!! In Tim’s words- “Your Welcome”.

Waiting at the Cheesecake Factory


Liam can scratched this off his bucket list…being bottle fed at Nordstroms.



Apparently Liam didn’t make it on Santa’s list.  Oh well, maybe next year! lol




Ta Daaaa!!!

Santa and Liam 2012LiamSanta2012

Liam at 2 Months

 Taken On: 12-11-12


Weighing in at: 10lbs 16oz

Length:  23 3/4 in

Favorite Food: Nutramigen by Enfamil

Words: Lots of cooing and squealing!

Nicknames: Wittle Babeeee & Bobble Nugget

Liam’s 3 Top Picks: Bear Sleep n Play (blue), Monkey Bouncer, and Buff Baby Dumbell Rattle

Baby Got Skills: He is beginning to roll over, grasp objects (he loves his dumbell rattle!), and smile spontaneously

Month 1 Top Picks

Month 1


1.  Closer to Nature Disposable Breast Pads– My milk finally came in the 4th day so these definitely were needed.  Especially in the middle of the night.

2.  Frog Wubbanub–  Thank you to the maker of this magnificent pacifier!  After all those nurses constantly telling my husband and I not to give our baby a pacifier, we finally gave in the second day at home.  And I don’t know why I didn’t do it the first night when Liam was screaming like crazy!! The pacifier is soothing for crying out loud…literally.  And those first couple days, it’s just colostrum.  Baby needs something to suck on and I didn’t have milk yet.   He loves his Wubbanub and the frog is something he can grab on to.  I’m going to buy the longhorn next.

3.  Sassy Ring O Links– Red and orange (brights colors) is great for newborns.  Black and white preferred of course.  And you can’t go wrong with texture.  However, I didn’t go crazy on the toys since newborns only cry, sleep, eat, and produce about 8-10 wet diapers a day.  Fun.

4.  aden + anais star bright swaddle collection–  The best swaddle blankets ever!!!  They are muslin so baby can breathe and still feel cool without over heating.  I also use it over the stroller to block out the extreme sunlight.  5 stars.

5.  Boppy Pillow– helped for breast feeding and bottle feeding.  I also use it for Liam’s tummy time.

6.  Pampers Swaddlers GIANT PACK– Pampers over Huggies any day. Their Swaddlers are great especially when Liam exploded in his diaper every 10 minutes.  That netting in the diaper sucked down his mess.  Pretty impressive.

7.  Tommee Tippee Sensitive Tummy Feeding Bottles– Every baby is different.  These worked for Liam.  Closer to an actual nipple and I never had a problem with breastfeeding and bottle feeding.    I chose the sensitive tummy bottle, since he had colic.  They do have a lot of parts, but I’d rather spend time cleaning all those parts instead of hearing a crying baby.  Just sayin.

8.  Bebe au Lait Nursing Cover–  I had visitors over frequently and baby has to eat ever 2-3 hours.  I needed a cover up and this worked great.

9.  Basic Layette Gown by Kicky Pants–  This was a gift to Liam from a friend of mine and I love it.  It’s made from Bamboo fabric, which is naturally antibacterial, antifungal and antistatic.  And that’s not all.  click on the link and read more.  Fabric is so soft.  I love putting Liam in this layette before bedtime.

10.  Pampers Baby Fresh Wipes– Baby fresh or sensitive, they are my fav.  These wipes are very soft compared to Huggies brand.

Liam’s First Thanksgiving

This year was my first Thanksgiving in California.  Usually I fly back home to Texas to visit the family, but since our bundle of joy is too young to travel, we decided to spend the holiday at Tim’s mom’s house in Ventura.  I made a cranberry orange cake and a broccoli cheese casserole.   First time I’ve EVER made something for Thanksgiving.  Don’t judge.  I am not Betty Crocker and I still, till this day, don’t know how to make a damn turkey.  I’ll leave that up to my husband for the following turkey days ;).

It’s Movember….hence the beard.

My first broccoli cheese casserole.  I still think my aunt Christina makes is waaaay better.


Liam, not quite interested in football just yet.

My first cranberry orange bread.  Actually, this was my second attempt.  The night before was the first trial run.  It didn’t turn out good, so I woke up really early Thanksgiving morning and searched for another recipe.  This one was the winner!! It’s probably because it asks for buttermilk and 6 tablespoons of butter, the ingredients that make all desserts taste better.

Tim’s ma, Sharon

My Hospital Bag

1.  Prenatal Vitamins-  Whichever  you choose, you are going to need them if you decide to breast feed.  Baby still needs those important vitamins.  I chose Nature Made because they were affordable and included DHA as well.

2.Water proof mascara-  If you care even just a tad bit about how you are going to look in those after photos, I would suggest using this.  I still tried to avoid photos just because I was still swollen, but mascara did help open my eyes a bit.

3.  Snacks-  Lots of them!  I was snacking the entire time because I was so hungry and the hospital food wasn’t the best.  Plus, they didn’t feed me meals prior to delivery!  I had mixed nuts, crackers, soft healthy Kashi Cookies,  and I even brought a six pack of sparkling juice just in case I felt nauseous.

4.  Stretch Mark Cream-  I was really lucky up to this point that I didn’t get those unwanted stretchmarks!! Thank goodness!  However, I still came prepared with cream since your belly goes from being the size of a watermelon to the size of a cantaloupe…still squishy!

5.  Belly Bandit–  This is very important if you want that belly to go back to normal size quick! Well, ok you won’t get the six pack you had prior, but it sure does help!!  I’d like to think that this had something to do with the 20lbs I lost the first week.   I wore this for about 6 weeks, which is the required amount of time.  It can be annoying at times especially when you sleep with it on.  Since I don’t sleep much I might as well keep it on.  Ha!  No more sleep for mama!! 🙂

6.  Nursing Night Gown– This was so useful during my time spent in the hospital.  For one, the gowns they provide for you are so annoying and uncomfortable.   Liam had to eat every 2-3 hours so having this gown was quick and easy.  Snap and unsnap is all you need to do.

7.  Camera-  My Luminx camera to capture those special moments. 🙂  Love this camera!

8.  Preggie Pops–  I was really lucky that I didn’t get sick not once throughout my pregnancy.  I didn’t want to take any chances so I came prepared with Preggie Pops just in case.   These pops were great!  If I had a slight bit of nausea, I just sucked on one of these.  Apple was my fav.

9.  Natural Nipple Cream from Earth Mama Angel Baby-  The hospital gives you a tube of Lanolin, which I also used.  What I like about this cream is that it’s organic and safe for baby.  It helped a lot for sore cracked nipples.

10. Burt’s Bees Lip Balm-  Dehydration = Chapped lips.  Tim was constantly reapplying Burt’s Bees on my lips.  It was very helpful.

11. Boppy Pillow- I regret not taking my boppy pillow.  We had to stuff pillows under my arm, under Liam’s head, and anywhere else to help prop the baby up.  I was surrounded by a mountain of pillows.  It was ridiculous!  And breastfeeding is NOT easy.  The baby has to be positioned the right way.  If not, it was painful.

12. I Phone and charger-  This is a given.  I took so many photos with my phone.  As far as outgoing phone calls, I left that to Tim.  He made sure he kept everyone updated.  🙂

13.  Ipod dock-  Listen to some soft music.  It helps.

14.  Hair Ties-  I have long hair.

15.  Tooth brush, face wash, moisturizer, and shampoo/conditioner.  I didn’t want to use anything that the hospital provided.