Valentine’s Day with my Little Man

If anyone is excited, besides Liam, it’s me making these awesome vday pancakes for my little man.  We started off our morning with xoxo breakfast.  I got the idea from Parent’s Magazine.  I didn’t have cookie cutters so I used a ketchup squeeze bottle that I bought at Ralph’s for 34 cents.  A little messy transferring the batter into the bottle, but what isn’t when you are cooking/baking for a child.  I have so much fun making holiday meals for him.




 A big breakfast and a nap was not the end to our Valentines Day.  While we waited for Tim to get home from work, Liam and I headed outside for some fresh air and baby chasing.  He continued repeating the word car as he pointed to them down our driveway.  So proud of my munchkin!

IMG_2732 IMG_2730
IMG_2706 IMG_2705

 I tried handing him some flowers so I can snatch the keys out of his hand, but had no luck.  It really is like taking candy from a baby.  He was not having it, but he did love the flowers! 😀



Made with LOVE

I’ve already decided that every holiday I would make a special treat for Liam and the hubby.   This Valentines Eve I  made the traditional Rice Krispie Treats.  I love the idea of something simple and quick these days.  3 ingredients?  Sold!  Once cooled I used a heart shaped cookie cutter to make a few hearts.  Too bad I didn’t have any red or pink sprinkles, cause that would’ve made them look even more festive.  Maybe next year.  I stuck a small lollipop stick at the bottom of each heart and covered them with iridescent cellophane.  Super cute and made with LOTS OF LOVE!

IMG_2585 IMG_2588 IMG_2595

Fun at Beeman Park

Liam’s first and not the last time at Beeman Park in Studio City.  It was also his first time on a swing.  He was a bit confused in the beginning, but eventually had fun the last few pushes from daddy.  The part he enjoyed the most was running freely in the wide open field.  It was like a GIANT backyard for him!  Can’t wait until he can play soccer!  I am going to be his number one cheerleader on the sidelines. He’s gonna be so embarrassed.  Can’t wait! Ha!

 In no time he will be kicking balls and throwing them…at us I’m sure. 🙂




IMG_2094 IMG_2095